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    NFL 2021/22

    With the NFL season kicking off on Thursday, I thought it may be useful to set-up a new NFL thread. I am inclined to think the NFC champions will be the Buccs or Green Bay. While AFC is little more open with any of the Chiefs, Bills, Browns, Titans, Ravens and Chargers contesting the AFC...
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    Alan Green leaving the BBC

    Haha. Good riddance. Most likely sacked. A small reminder of why he is so unlikeable:
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    Spurs v City (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium), 7pm, 16 August

    I'm on way to the game tonight. Not sure we will get the line-up. I will look to give some updates although details of players may be sketchy.
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    Boiler / lack of hot water

    Hoping someone can help me out. We have a Worcester boiler (Greenstar CDI Compact), courtesy of the previous owner. The boiler is around 7 years old. It doesn't make any strange noises and the heating works fine. It may be worth noting we live in an area with a hard water issue. The water...
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    Sedation and colonoscopy

    Following a bout of food poisoning three months, I have continued to have issues. Since picking up the food poisoning, I have had the fortune of losing, involuntarily, 20lbs or so. Anyway, that’s of no interest to anyone. All of this on top of long-term stomach issues following treatment for H...
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    Spare for West Ham

    I have a ticket for West Ham but I need a spare for a mate. If anyone has one spare, we can meet at the West Ham Stadium.
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    EDS V Spurs (7pm, 14 Oct)

    Anyone other London based Blues going to the game tonight at White Hart Lane? Those wanting to watch can pay at the ticket office. No Spurs membership or SC required.
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    CL highlights on ITV at 10.45pm

    Hope the mods don't mind me posting a topic on this. I would mention it in the post-match thread. However, I thought it may get 'lost' among the other posts. We can now once more enjoy the hammering we just handed out :)
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    Composite doors

    Does anyone know what I should expect to pay for a composite door, letter box and door knocker, plus 40cm side panel? I have been quoted £1,900 + VAT. It seems a tad expensive to me.
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    Buying a laptop

    I am looking to buy a laptop. I don't need anything special as I only need it for the following: Storing videos from a camcorder Storing photos (although most of these will be stored in the 'cloud') Occasional Internet use We're leaking money at the moment as we are having extensive building...
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    Robert Huth

    Anyone had a look at Robert Huth's Twitter feed? "Interesting" <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    City related photos taken by Kevin Cummins

    In the last day or so, Kevin Cummins has been posting some superb City related photos on Twitter. Whether or not you are signed up to Twitter, you can view the photos here: <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    Estate agent and asbestos issue

    We got the keys for our new house last week. However, we were unable to move in until today as asbestos needed to be removed from the loft (asbestos was disturbed after a water tank had been removed a couple of years earlier). This was initially picked up the surveyor. Last week the missus, my...
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    World Cup TV schedule

    I am not sure if these have been published yet but they were sent to me from a colleague who has a friend who has a role at BBC Sport. Anyway, for those interested..... 12 June 9pm ITV Brazil v Croatia 13 June 5pm ITV Mexico v Cameroon 8pm BBC Spain v Netherlands 11pm ITV Chile v Australia...
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    Clichy injury

    It seems that Clichy will miss the Bayern game because of injury. Is it just me who thinks he may have been carrying this injury all season? He doesn't seem so quick off the mark and he is turning much more slowly. I also noticed in one tunnel cam video that he was doing some watm up outside...
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    Anyone know anything about FSAVCs?

    My dad has a couple of small pensions - one through his current employer and another through a previous employer. He seems to think he has an FSAVC. However, he has not kept any details about his pensions. I can't be sure he even has an FSAVC. Someone has told him that if he is in a FSAVC, he...
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    Ticket prices...

    I know. That old chestnut again. Anyway, I have just been chatting to a Spurs fan who has told me that they are being charged £60 for the game at Selhurst Park. Wasn't Palace taken over by a fans consortium of sorts? If so, that would make the high price even more disappointing. It was bad...
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    I am looking to go away for 3 or 4 days in mid-September to celebrate my 40th. I have decided on Paris as the missus hasn't visited the city and we can take the little to Euro Disney for the day. My knowledge of the city is poor. I stayed in Paris for a couple of days around 20 years ago but...
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    Gary Linekar

    Gary Linekar has just deleted his Twitter account for 'personal reasons'. Shame as he was quite funny. Sounds a bit fishy to me. Scandal to be reported in the papers?
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    Loic Remy

    According to the latest article by Duncan Castles in The National (cannot provide a link as using as I am using an Ipod) we are after Loic Remy. Don't know much about the player. Wouldn't know him if he walked past me. Is this us sending a message to Swansea or are we interested?
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