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    Divide & Conquer

    I know we moan and argue about stuff on here as I do on occasion it's human nature. What I'm a bit concerned about though is people turning on Pep, yeah he has brain farts like the Chumps League final but I wouldn't change him for anybody. We play some absolutely filthy football and have scored...
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    Chumps League 20/21st October

    @kaz7 is fucking slacking, she got a boyfriend now? Anyway a load of cunts are playing tonight and the mighty blue bastards are playing tomorrow...discuss.
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    All Our Premier League Goals 2018/19

    Amongst all the shit being flung something nice to watch, apologies if it's already been posted...
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    Pinch me

    If you would've come and sat down next to me on the Kippax all those long years ago whilst we were getting beat off Bury & said "Don't worry my child, think of this as character building because you are going to see shit in the future that will blow your tiny mind" I would've told you to lay off...
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    Player Ratings 2017/18

    Apologies if this thread already exists, if so please merge or delete. Ederson - 9 A revelation. Bravo - 7 Pretty much won us the Milk Cup. Walker - 8 Lads done well but tailed off. Danilo - 7 Steady. Kompany - 8 Marked down 1 due to injuries. Otamendi - 9 Stepped up this season. Stones - 8...
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    Mike Dean ref for Sunderland

    Surely we can bury the hoodoo with our lucky mascot reffing?
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    CSKA/Plzen Champs League Bundle

    Got an e-mail off City saying i could buy a CSKA/Plzen bundle for £56 so i have a look online and there is no tickets available in my section. I check individually and my seat is available for both at £33!!! Am i doing something wrong? Apologises if this should have gone in the ticket section.
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    Season Ticket to Blue Membership

    Mate of mines just been told by City if he gives his season ticket up and gets a membership he'll lose all his points (6500), is that right as i thought if you switched you just lost 1000 points?
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