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    Just seen this pop up on facebook. He was such a good finisher and all around centre forward......he had everything except the right attitude and this shows I think how important that last bit is for any player...Just like he Balotellis of this world, you can have all the skill in the world but...
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    Gabriel Veron

    Being linked to us and the rags in the MUEN. Rivaldo advising him to come to us
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    Khaldoon's post season interview

    Im presuming we will get this when our participation in the Champs league is done and dusted? Personally cant wait for it- always love listening to him speak and with wht the club has been through this season with UEFA, the ban and the subsequent CAS removal of the ban it should be even more...
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    Thiago Almada

    Cant see a thread on him - sorry if there is Being linked to us (sure he was linked previously) We are constantly linked with midfielders (I know Pep loves them!) - this lad does look the business ubt again do we need to focus on the defence? Obligatory youtube video provided!!
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    old city football shirts

    Ive got a load of old city tops that are in really good condition but I need to get rid of them to make some room. I don't want to throw them away. Any ideas what to do with them..... I live in Cornwall so its not like I can just take then into the club or give them away to young city fans...
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    Past Players Pep would have loved to have had from our past

    Which players from the past would Pep love to have had...or to put it another way, which players do you think would have fitted into his system. I can only remember as far back as the 80's but there are some obvious ones Tevez - forget his off the field histrionics....his work rate and goal...
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    Aminu Mohammed

    Supposedly we have beaten Madrid and Muich to the signing of this lad (16 years old winger)...according to the Sun newspaper....SSN reporting it (as a Sun article)
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    Old City shirts to send to charity???

    I have a load of old city shirts I want to send to charity. All in real good nick. Id like to send them to one of those charities that send stuff out to kids in africa, Does anyone know how to do this/who to get in contact with/does the club do this? Cheers for any help
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    Franck Kessie linked

    Anyone seen anything of him.....personally never heard him but after watching a few (youtube) highlights he looks like he plays like fernandihnio with a tiny but of the power of Yaya. However never heard of him really before the link .....anyone seen him play or know more about him? Think the...
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    Are we looking to sign a striker?

    With all the talk of strengthening/huge change to the midfield under Pep, will be be adding another forward into the squad? Auger is undoubtedly world class (best centre forward in the world if you take it that Messi and tranny are attacking midfielders/wide player) Anyway, we all know that...
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    Norwich highlights

    Has anyone got any extended highlights...can only find the very short 2min 41 sec bbc ones sorry if already posted
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    Who to sell

    Who should we sell and who will go in the summer Its clear that if Yaya does go (I wouldn't sell him for football reasons but I think he will go) then its clear we need to re think our approach as there is no way you can replace him like for like.... Id definitely get rid of the following...
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    not seen this video before

    Sorry if this has been posted before but Id not seen it. ts got a lot of the radio commentary on it from the moment Sergio scored THAT goal........brilliant stuff!!!!!! <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    yaya possibly out for rest of season

    With MP saying he could miss the final games of the season what would you do with our midfield -------------------------Hart-------------------------- -------------------Back 4 --------------------------------- milner---- Garcia----- ferd -------nasri/jovetic...
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    Squad and who to sell in the summer

    Joe Hart Costel Pantilimon Richard Wright Defenders Dedryck Boyata Gael Clichy [b]Martin Demichelis Aleksandar Kolarov[/b] Vincent Kompany Joleon Lescott Matija Nastasic Micah Richards Pablo Zabaleta Midfielders Gareth Barry* Fernandinho Luiz Roza Javi Garcia Marcos Lopes James Milner Samir...
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    one dimensional without aguero???

    Are we a bit one dimensional without him? It seems our alternative mode of attack is to put it out wide and throw crosses into a packed area.... I think our attacking options when he is not playing are too similar...dzeko and negrado are pretty similar in style and thrive off the same sort of...
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    champs league or prem title

    Which is the most important...for me it is the prem rather win this than the champs league every year....but im thinking that maybe this year our sole aim is to advance in th champs league and we are just aiming to finish in a champs league qualifcation spot......... IS the champs...
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    A hardline on internationals?

    Seeing as we picked up another injury with a plyer playing internationsl does the club/management team need to be more selfish and not allow players to go to internationals (especially meaningless friendlies) It was vey clear that while at utd ferguson controlled players and going to...
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    Tactical discussion

    Ive given this thread thiis thread the title "tactical discussion cause I dont want it to turn into an arguement between the mancini innners and outers. Im basing this on what Ive seen so far and hoping for input from those who have seen pellers sides play mroe than I have. Basics : at the...
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    Barry to Arsenal???

    Its only the daily star but he is linked to Arsenal for £4m Hope not as his importance to us is vastly underrated.....give them Garcia any day btu not Barry.
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