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    Sorry if there is already a thread, On the city they have four videos up,(upto 2 of 4)about scouting, not just for city players but also for the rest of the city group, pretty interesting stuff worth a watch
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    google chrome

    just got a new laptop, its has google chrome not windows, when i made a spelling mistake it would get underlined i could press the right click and it would give me the correct spelling, i cant seem to do it on chrome, what button should i use to alter my spelling :) not just smelling, my...
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    Lovely Kupotee

    We should sign this lad, he would fit right in with our new signing kayky :) Credit @kris_musampa
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    Tactical transfers

    How Guardiola Tactically Out-classed Mourinho | Man City vs Tottenham 3-0 | Tactical Analysis - YouTube have a watch of the above video, its a video of how we move, how we play, when we move and why we move, the guy who does these videos has loads and they are really interesting and insightful...
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    English managers

    looking at the table and a thought came into my head(not really i saw it somewhere else ) there are 8 English managers in the premier league, of the 8 one English manager is in 8th position, without looking could you tell me where the other 7 managers teams are, ill give you a clue, none are...
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    The modern penalty

    A new phrase that I'm sure will do the rounds, before I start, I think it was definitely a penalty yesterday, however mourinho imo is correct, slight contact in the box players are hitting the floor, V.A.R will take a look, slow it down, different angles then give the decision, but the problem...
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    I seem to be having a problem, every time I like a post it comes up with something that asks me to confirm my like, what the fuck is that all about, also keeps asking me to put bluemoon forum on my home screen or whatever its called, ive already clicked yes. If the like thing is a new thing I...
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    some of the reaction this season is nothing short of aftv ,and people should take a long hard look at themselves, they are showing themselves up, football isnt all about glory, ups and downs and to be honest if you think this is a down then you know fuck all about supporting manchester city...
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    palace away video

    my boss is trying to sack me, he is going back a few years to collect evidence , i was at palace away when kelechi scored, there's a video of the fans going mad, i was on it ,and if someone posts it on here i will be sacked, made homeless, my wife will leave me and take the kids, i will die a...
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    i found this video a bit upsetting, especially at the end professional or cold hearted
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    One man war

    ok, you've been asking for this a long time ric and the mods,the gloves are off. I WANT A BUTTON THAT HIDES SHIT THREADS, i dont want to refresh and see threads about trump, blm , rightwing or anything else im not interested in, especially people arguing over the fucking wankers in charge of...
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    every time I go on bluemoon on my laptop I get a notification that my flash player may of expired, it wont let me do anything and I have to close everything down, this has been happening for the last 4/5 days and it's getting on my tits, it only happens on bluemoon Help
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    Deep breath ,in through the nose,hold then slowly out,and repeat. this is the calm thread, it requires members to post one calming word to relieve the stress of the CAS thread. FLOATING,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
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    Peace Frog

    a great big happy birthday to the best poster on bluemoon :) my birthday wish is, peace love and health to everyone on bluemoon and their families XXXX
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    I'm a sheep

    I watched the match last night, for the first half I was determined not to enjoy it, you see little did I know I had become a sheep to all the negativity I had read on bluemoon, so I sat there unmoved by the match, I posted how uninspired I was with the match, pre season friendly baaaaaah, no...
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    karen7 Messages: 106,421 Likes Received: 18,973 94,909 jimharri Messages: 94,909 Likes Received: 8,292 74,839 SWP's back Messages: 74,839 Likes Received: 8,492 74,610 aguero93:20 Messages: 74,610 Likes Received: 9,978 68,683 Bill Messages: 68,683 Likes Received: 3,195 60,518 mat Messages: 60,518...
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    I think its time we got rid of this function,a few times ive seen "spats" between posters that end with some soft arse say "im blocking you" that's a cop out, and bluemoon will end up with no opinions or debates because every fucker has blocked every fucker else,have your argument agree to...
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    No comment

    I want this thread to have no comments, just videos for people to watch, no posts that don't have a video.
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    monkey house

    for all you people stuck at home with young kids a treat tomorrow, chester zoo are having a virtual tour ,watch them feed the animals ect,starts at 10am ,and you need to put chesterzoo facebook into google or however you usually get face book, have a lovely trip
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    Fence panels

    got some time on my hands ,so started to do the gardening, dismantled the swing ,and mowed the lawn had a good tidy up,anyway my fence panels on one side are fucking embarrassing ,rotting to shit , does anyone know a decent firm who will come and replace them but also take the old ones away
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