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    Champions league draw 29th August 2019 - Group C (Shakhtar, Zagreb, Atalanta)

    Balls being warmed in advance :-) (Please delete if there is another similar thread but I did not see it.)
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    Release Clauses

    Given the inflated transfer market maybe one way to control the fees could be with release clauses. IMO clubs get a minimum fee, player gets to choose whether he leaves or not. The clause is dealt with at the beginning of negotiation. If release clause met no doubt the player could ask for...
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    City Management team

    Just to say what a superb job they have done so far in re organising our squad this season. Six players in, possibly as many out plus the signings for NYFC on top, extended contracts to players and finding loan clubs for the younger talented players. Long may it continue.
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    Training today courtesy of DH

    You can almost smell start of the season, Dougs back.............................. Training Wednesday 6/8 Postby Douglas Higginbottom » Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:57 am It's been a while so popped along to Carrington to see what was going on. I was there early (before 10.30) but they were already out...
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    Dundee v City Friendly

    No idea who we will line up with. Negredo Jovetic Navas Nasri Boyata Kolorov/Clichy (45mins each) Fernando Richards Rekik plus two other EDS including maybe willy.
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    City players with summer off

    With Merlin on a plane soon to start his rest and the season 60 days away just thinking who of our first team squad haven't gone to WC and should be raring to go? Silva Nasri Negredo Navas Jovetic Clichy Kolorov Nasty If we sign Fernando him as well Have I missed anyone?
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    Relive a day in history

    If you could re live any day in history what would it be. 1) Battle of Hastings for me tell the silly buggers not to run down the hill after the normans. :-)
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    Manuel Pellegrini

    Manager of the season. End of even if the tw@ats in the media don't think so. Thorough man love for him, pure fucking class both on and off the pitch
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    To all the media

    SSN, Sky, BBC,Talkshite and all the press who have been on a dipper wankathon, you can all fuck off because MCFC are Champions.
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    It is oh so quiet in here thread for 2014 summer transfers

    With less than a week away to opening the doors to a new summer transfer window I thought I would start this thread. Mods this place is a fucking mess needs a good tidy up before the real rumours start (only joking) Plus for those who cannot stand the tension in the matchday threads you are...
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    96 premier league goals scored this season so far

    In the light of the above do we need to sell any of our strikers or do we go with the same four next year. Yes or No.
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    Transfers this summer (incomings) and FFPR

    I know there is a long thread on FFPR in the other forum and if mods feel this should be there please merge. This is not a thread on who we can afford and comply with FFPR but it is a post about the so called sanctions which UEFA have supposedly offered us in respect of breaching the...
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    Training today courtesy of DH

    Mods delete or merge but I couldn't see a thread. Training Thursday 3 April Unread postby Douglas Higginbottom » Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:39 pm Back from a week's hols and straight down to Carrington this morning.Sadly the pitch they used is the worst for me to see much but the one photographer...
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    Cup Final training Friday courtesy of DH

    Couldn't see a thread if there is one mods delete or merge. 3 days in a row now leading up to hopefully the first silverware of the season.I wonder what the scum will be doing this weekend.Basically the same group out today except the young lads were missing ( training on the other side) and...
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    Training today courtesy of DH

    I couldn't see a thread but if there is mods merge or delete. A very big group at the start today for MP's briefing but a few went in straight after leaving 21 to take part in the day's outside training.I chatted to the security guard walking the perimeter and good to know he was a true City...
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    Dougs Training report for today.

    I have checked to see if this has been done, if it has please merge or delete. Training Deadline Day Unread postby Douglas Higginbottom » Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:29 pm Pouring with rain but sadly virtually nothing to report on the training front. Apart from a little bit of good news that Milner was...
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    Training courtesy of DH from Mancityfans - which is working

    Training Monday 20/1 Unread postby Douglas Higginbottom » Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:26 pm Lovely sunny day to greet the 24 players who came out in their bright yellow training tops.Well 23 of them anyway with just Vinnie in sky blue.They gathered for the Pellegrini pre training briefing which was...
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    Training today from DH- looking good

    Training Friday 10/1 Unread postby Douglas Higginbottom » Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:21 pm Perfect training conditions today if slightly cold for the lazy watcher. They worked over on the far Sale Sharks pitch today so decent viewing for me but I did notice a lot of stuff set out on the 1st pitch which...
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    Training today 3/1/14 by DH

    Training Friday 3/1 Postby Douglas Higginbottom » Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:33 pm The clouds were threatening a violent thunderstorm as I arrived this morning but happily we got nothing as the players came out for the usual pre session briefing.Good viewing to start with as the top curtain was not up...
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    Summary and updates of the Messi thread only

    Given the high profile nature of Messi, i see that the thread has already reached 64 pages and we are some months away from the summer window. For any new posters (and old) who want to understand and enjoy how this thread has developed here is a summary of it. The respected posters i have...
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