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    Best speech in a film

    As per thread title:- My nomination, Orson Welles classic "Cuckoo clock" speech in The third man....
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    Craig Bellamy Get well soon Craig.
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    Terry Cooper

    Terry Cooper: Former Leeds and England defender dies at the age of 77 - BBC Sport Very sorry to hear this. Terry was always my favourite (Non City) player in the 1960's, he was a great overlapping left wing full back, and had a great partnership with Paul Reaney on the other flank. Played for...
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    Why do the Welsh have such silly place names?
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    Best guitar dual ever?

    Don Felder and Joe Walsh at the end of Hotel California?
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    Newcastle 11th May 1968 let's have your memories...

    As per thread title. I was fourteen at the time and saved up my pocket money for the 32s/6d return rail fare from Stalybridge. The ground was absolutely jam packed and the atmosphere was electric. United were breathing down our necks so it was a must win game. As it happened, they lost the...
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    How long would you last in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime?

    As per thread title. I would say about three seconds, anyone honestly reckon they would last a round?
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    1968 City v 2021 City.......Would the old team have any chance?

    Thinking about the 1968 Championship winning team, Dowd/Mulhearn, Book, Pardoe, Doyle, Big George Heslop, Oakes, Summerbee, Bell, Lee, Young, Coleman, sub Connor......... How would they have faired against last night's team, and secondly how many of those would have made it in Pep's team if...
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    Player's fines

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    Post a sad story in only three words

    Your mate's better
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    Flying in a jetsuit

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    Songs that actually tell a story

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    Yummy Yummy....

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    Alan Ball.

    Ok, now I realise Alan Ball (RIP) is regarded on here as being a total disaster during his tenure at City however, I have just finished reading his autobiography and he devotes a fair bit to his time at City, in which he claims:- When he arrived, he didn't realise how much the club was in debt...
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    The lost history of Manchester City.

    Just come across this:-
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    Street musicians

    Any more?
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    York City v Manchester City 19-12-1998

    Fill 'yer boots.
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    Manchester City v Manchester United 17.08.1968

    Some terrible finishing in this game...ended 0-0
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