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    The Real Manhunter

    Watched this doc' last night and was well impressed with the detective 'hunting' belfield. Remarkable investigating. well worth a watch.
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    Sick of wearing my specs after 50 years. Fucking bins are shit round this town as well.
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    Closing an online betting account

    Been trying to shut my account with a famous rag bookies for 30 minutes now and still no nearer to doing it than when i started. I've waded through all the 'responsible gambling' bullshit, the 'we love our punters' shite and the 'take control' tripe and there is not one link anywhere for a...
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    'Kin polls everywhere.

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    Sex Dolls.

    Anyone see the documentary about these on telly the other night? Unbefuckinlievable stuff.
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    The flat - pack from hell

    Four seperat parcels and 2 men to get each one upstairs and into the bedroom was a warning that this was not gonna be a simple job. It took me an hour just to un-pack the thing. It's gonna be a fancy kids bunk beds but after 5 hours graft I've managed to assemble 2 shelves and the sides of the...
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    Bricking it..

    After 2 weeks of prodding, poking, scanning, blood tests etc i am waiting for a call from the doc's this morning to tell me what's what. Either gonna be shit news or not. This is severely testing my positive nature and could be one of those moments where life changes forever. Wish me luck.
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    The Likely Lads; The Re-make

    Today i'm gonna attempt to relive the famous 'don't tell me the score' episode. I have to drive from Southport back to Manc at 2pm after visiting in-laws. Radio will be off, phone will be ignored and i will shut my eyes as i cruise past any pubs. The vcr is already set and the neighbours looking...
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    Co-op Live ?

    Big signs all over stadium going on about ''COOP LIVE'' and what an audio/visual experience it will be. Are they building an arena for music events?
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    Hit by an Insured driver

    Found a lovely note on the car yesterday saying 'i have reversed into your car' with name, address and phone number. Phoned the woman and said i'd get damage looked at tomorrow and ring her. Damage is a crack along back panel/bumper so presume whole new panel needed. What's the craic with...
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    First Pint

    Me and the bread knife enjoyed a couple of pints this affy outside a nice little boozer in the blazing sunshine. It's the first time we've been out together for some fun in over 12 months. A good day.
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    Semi Final Tunes

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    Took dog on the park this morning and spotted some rubbish that needed binning. Picked it up thinking its an empty bag (placcy sports shop with cord strap) but had some weight. Inside i found 3 opened parcel bags and one still sealed shut. I opened it as i was about to bin it and a load of white...
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    The Great Pottery Throwdown

    Pisses all over The Repair Shop. I've developed a soft spot for the winner as well. Cracking Welsh accent, lovely hair, great attitude and a nurse to boot.
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    Fred Perry

    Some new colours out now but a bit steep at £85
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    Match Finder

    I'm usually amazed by the way some members remember all the games and the details, sometimes from decades ago. I'm firmly in the ' sort of remember but not sure of the details' camp which, when talking on here, is very frustrating. I think a thread were others like me can post their hazy...
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    Trump Tunes

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    Monday Club

    A rare free day and fucked off so i've hit the bottle. Anyone else drowning their sorrows?
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    Derby Tunes

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    New wire.

    I know several posters have bags of wires, leads and cables in their collection. I added this handy little beauty to mine this week. after pissing about for 12 months with chromebooks dropping their wifi connection at home i had a brainwave and got the ethernet to usb adapter. PLugged it in...
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