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    Gavin Bazunu

    So I've been asked by my Rochdale supporting mate for a critique on this lad as they've just got him on loan from us. Struggling to find too much on him to be honest so can anyone help me out!?
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    60 Days on the streets

    Anyone watching this? The bloke has basically made himself homeless in Manchester. From the first part I have a feeling our fine city may not be being shown in the most flattering of lights...
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    Favourite player

    Ok so this question was posed to me earlier tonight by my 9 year old nephew whilst he was laying out all his match attacks cards for me to look at. Who is your favourite non-City player currently playing in the Premier League? Now I had an easy out as I said Zaba but I'm going to say you aren't...
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    VAR in regards to City related incidents.

    I know there's a full VAR thread on the General Football forum but thought this was City related enough to warrant one up here. On the live feed bit on the BBC sport website they are asking for one decision that affected your club that VAR would have changed. I know we've had plenty of appalling...
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    Are we the only team to lose their last match at an old ground?

    Spurs won today, West Ham last season, Arsenal won theirs at Highbury. I've checked and Sunderland, Middlesbrough and even Bolton all won theirs. Was our defeat at Maine Road against Southampton the only time a club has left a ground on the back of a defeat? I'm sure it can't be but it would be...
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    Great North Run

    On the ridiculously remote off-chance that the City fan I met and ran with for a few miles while doing the Great North Run this afternoon reads this, cheers matey. Your conversation kept me going and I should have stuck with you for longer as I fell to pieces in the last few miles!!!!
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    Ref cams

    Having watched a couple of games in the Union World Cup recently and now the Rugby League Grand Final I've been quite taken by the camera's mounted on the referees heads in both formats. How long will it be before they make it into football? And yes I am well aware they won't be able to have the...
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    No idea why but this thread on the When Saturday Comes forum just amused me! <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... s-silences</a>
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    Great North Run

    Know there are a few runners out there on Bluemoon so is anyone doing it this year? Looks like a pretty awful weather forecast for the day (well for spectators anyway, don't mind running in the rain myself. Suppose you get used to it being from around here!)
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    Maine Road Magic - Lowry

    Not sure if this has been covered on here, apologies if it has, but is anyone else going to this? <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Just got a couple of...
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