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    Jeremy Bamber and the Whitehouse farm murders

    With the new series “Whitehouse Farm” started tonight I was wondering what other people thought about this case. Bamber has been in prison since 1986 and despite receiving a sentence of 25 years he is one of the few criminals who have been told that they will serve life. He has constantly...
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    Hacked whilst on Holiday

    We've recently come off our honeymoon- a MSC Cruise visiting Lake Garda, Venice then boarding the ship onto Greece, Albania and Croatia. On our return I noticed that I had emails from EBay regarding a fictitious item I had put up for sale. Also the email acknowledging the sale was in Italian...
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    United on line store advertising on Blue Moon??

    i know the forum has to earn money to keep it going but do we not have some say in what adverts appear on the site? I just opened the home page to find a banner ad at the top of the page advertising the Rags on line store
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    Robert Plant

    Happy birthday to the rock legend Planty who is the ripe old age of 70. Still hope we can ruin his week on Saturday when we beat his beloved Wolves :-)
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    MUEN: Survey: How much are City's targets worth?

    Article on the MUEN web site waning to know what City fans would pay for our summer targets (as well as weekely wage). Not sure where these targets are from but the survey lists... How much would you pay options: £0-5m £6-10m £11-15m £16-20m £21-25m £26-30m £31-35m £36-40m £41-45m £46-50m...
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    Changing my Sky+ Box - can I keep my old recordings

    Finally catching up with technology and getting a new HD Sky + box this week. My problem is that I have the whole title winning QPR game (about 3-4 hours worth) on my old box plus Blue Moon Rising film and others. Is there any way of getting these programs off my old box and putting them on the...
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    Goalposts (for garden) for 11 year old hot shot

    My 11 year old son (who plays football in the garden) has now gone through several sets of goal posts - usually by pretending he's Ya Ya Toure and putting his foot through the ball whenever he gets the chance and smashing the posts in the process. I was wondering if any Blues out there with sons...
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    Has Anyone Subscribed to BT Sport Yet?

    Not sure if there is a thread on this (if so apologies). As a BT Broadband user I'm told I get free subscription to BT Sport - It's not clear whether this is free for a season or free as long as you're using broadband Has anyone subscribed to BT Sport yet? What sort of deal did you get?
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