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    Census 2021

    Has anyone filled this in yet,is it just me or does it seem that there is far far more personal questions than previous census all I seem to remember was your name the number in that household,their ages,date of birth and that was it I think,now it’s employment status who you work...
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    Deep fake (Tom Cruise)

    Wow do any computer tech experts know how the fuck this was done just seen it on the news it was absolutely the double of Tom cruise created by computer absolutely unbelievable ..
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    Weak security ( WiFi)

    I’m getting weak security on my iPad/iPhone some crap about wpa/wpa2 not considered secure..something about if this is your wifi network configure router to wpa 2 ( aes) or wpa 3 ..can I not leave it as it is WiFi is working fine only happened after I switched it off for a few minutes it’s a...
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    Google claims quantum supremacy for computer..

    Wtf is this,is this actually real and possible,claims their sycamore quantum processor was able to perform a specific task in 200 seconds that would take the worlds most powerful supercomputers 10,000 years to complete..
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    Black lion pub/hotel

    Is this place a rag spot or is it ok for my two lads to stay they will be over in a couple of weeks..they just want somewhere cheap ..
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    Barcelona v Real Madrid

    starting in a few minutes on sky for anyone interested..
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    Super cup

    dont know if there's already a thread on it real v Sevilla is on now bt 2 real leading 1.0
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    how many players out injured now,also is there something wrong with the warm ups I know shit happens but two matches in a row players injured in warm up....
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    Other games 28/29th Dec

    The boy at the back for spurs worries me Chriches,an accident waiting to happen,although the same could be said for the rags at the back,if spurs get at them from the off and get an early goal it could be a good afternoon for them..
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    Real madrid v psg

    For anyone interested on now ss1 friendly of course....
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    Brazil v italy.

    On itv 4 now...
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    Kicking off over the decision appearently to stop flying the union flag at the city hall...
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    City related tv programme.

    Dont know if someone has already mentioned this,flicking through tv listings,itv1 may the best house win ,features a house with a city theme through-out.... Nearly forgot starts at 4.....
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    Ipad antivirus

    Got one on friday does this need antivirus software put on it like norton or avg im not really clued up on this...
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    sheikh mansour derby day

    does anyone think that sheikh mansour could be their next monday....
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    ref for tonight.

    dont know if there is a thread on this,but on matchday forum someone posted the ref had changed from a.marriner to m.jones, any reason for this if true and whats our record like with him in charge..
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    juventus v notts county

    for anyone interested espn showing match tonight 8.30
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    cheap hotels

    will be over to manchester on the 5th of feb,with the mrs looking for somewhere cheap but not nasty...
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    joe hart loan deal

    joe is staying at birmingham on loan next season sky reports on website..
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    horse running tomorrow

    if wincanton is'nt called off there's a horse called pride in battle in the 3.55 im gonna have a few quid on it ....
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