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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    "If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by" - Sun Tzu - or maybe it was Khaldoon? Enjoy ;)
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    Bottom of the league

    City have been named the Premier League's least ethical club in an analysis of club ownerships. 20 clubs got points based on 12 criteria - sponsorship, employment practices, free speech, human rights and fan involvement. Fulham came top in the table drawn up by FIFA Ethics and Regulation Watch...
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    Tolm's Juke Box - it ain't quiet

    All contributions gratefully received!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Car dispute advice?

    My garage stated it was a hardware problem with my car and diagnosed I needed a new screen display - £900 - which I could really do without right now - and it would be a day away at best. Despite the new screen the problem still exists and they still retain my car after five days, now claiming...
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    Looking forward to the launch tonight, I was there this time last year visiting Kennedy with the kids and the whole scale of the site took our breath away, would recommend it to anyone. I don't know why, but got a bad feeling about the launch tonight, the weather is dodgy but America wants...
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    Thanks from my old man

    Wasn't sure where to put this but certainly wanted to acknowledge the efforts of the club. I received a phone call this afternoon from someone at City asking to speak to my dad, he is 69 in June. It seems they had my number because I do all the paying and admin for the family's season...
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    Fernandinho Signs 1 Year Contract Extension

    Will announce a new deal later today. Legend.
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    It's Quiet 32 - enter at own risk

    *Tolmie (trademarked UK, USA and Panama) is in no way held responsible for such which causes people to lose their shit, lose their money or lose themselves in his incredible taste in music (*across all genres and Australian soap operas) **For the benefit of both mods and members, alike, he will...
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    Alternative RAWK zone

    Sadly, you have been infected by the Dipper virus. I present a thread for whenever times are good and bad ;) Feck Game of Thrones the other night, it was our glorious Red Men who fought until they dropped, no quarter given, none asked. We have our own Jon Snow in Jurgen. Remember that. His...
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    Big Macs

    Not been to a McDonald's in years but took the urge to grab a Big Mac on road today. It shouldn't work but was so good. That will be me for another five years or so but as I was eating it, I was thinking I could easily do five or six after a gym session. Anyone else gone deep record territory...
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    Go Fund Cake - backing Pep

    Perhaps we can set up a go fund me page, and make it clear to Toure that we back Pep, like we did with the Mancini ad? Something like this usually gets picked up by the nationals. Maybe along the lines of if we reach our goal of £50, we can send Yaya a cake on behalf of Pep which reads ...
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    Chelsea in trouble?

    There is some chatter the shit is about to hit the fan there. Roman lost £400m the other day through his steel company and the UK government/banks are ready to go after the Russian money in this country. I know he has about £900m in loans to Chelsea he can call in at any time and needs to...
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    Billy Graham - dead

    99 - apparently did Maine Road in the 60s? Sad living a lie that long, I'm sure he will get more American outpouring than shot schoolkids.
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    City fans, not!

    Just wanted to say how proud those six foul-mouthed City fans must be who decided to attack another blue at the Didsbury tram stop after the game last night. My old man had the misfortune to share a carriage with these late teens/early twentysomethings who had colours on and were clearly...
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    So Pep failed at Bayern?

    So say all those clowns who continually push the narrative that him not winning it at the club was a failure, owing to his collection of world class players and easy dominance in a two-team league. Imagine my surprise then, this morning, nobody in the English media is referencing Carlo...
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    It's Quiet - a new dawn

    It's gonna be a cracker, trust me folks! We have two deals agreed with players, full-backs for both sides. I suspect one is Fabinho, and expect to hear more on this.
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    memo - David Gill

    Give it up, crook. The greatest single threat to our club.
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    Pep new deal

    Expect him to sign an extension to his contract this summer. Pep is being backed to the hilt.
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    used toys for xmas

    I know times are tough for many and, thankfully, my kids are both healthy and want for very little. Last night they asked if they could give some of their toys away, to kids who won't be getting much from Santa? They make me proud every single day. Some of the stuff they have isn't even 12-18...
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