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    How do I stop cats crapping on my lawn

    Everytime I mow the grass there are little piles of cat crap everywhere. I've tried putting up tinsel and stuff, black cut outs with sparkley eyes, I even waiting for the bastards with water and even set the dogs out but the little twats just use my garden as a communal bog. More to the point...
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    Fish Bowl Hats

    Fed up with seeing people carrying their pets and feeling left out, feel left out no more..
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    Prizes, gifts and freebies...

    Anyone won or received anything for nothing. I once got a 1st year progress prize at school which was J M Barries Peter Pan. The wife has recently started applying for things, Villa in Portugal, Range Rover, perfumes, huge cash prizes etc etc. This week she's had 2 weeks supply of Tena panties...
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    Importing from China...

    Need some help and advice re importing medium priced items individually from China. Have bought goods from America and Canada before etc but that was all done for me by the vendors. Any import/export agents out there ??
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    Yet another Ebay query

    Just recently, a few months ago, ebay have announced to me they they are no longer accepting Paypal and I need to update my account, bank details etc etc. I didn't do it just see and all was OK, now I've received another email asking/telling the same again. Now they are saying I will no longer...
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    Sky Wifi help...

    Got Sky TV and wifi but when my PC times out I usually have to turn the wifi on the PC back on as it seems to switch itself off....but not always. Been on to Sky, they've run tests and say all is more than OK. Router is in the floor so they've told me to raise it a few feet, I will do but my...
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    Approx 1060 millionaires in Manchester..

    Anyone we know ??
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    Yet another Ebay question

    I use Ebay quite a lot, nothing major only hobby type stuff but I keep getting notifications from Ebay almost insisting that I change from Paypal payments over to Ebay. It appears that they are looking at taking over from Paypal re selling/purchases on their site. They are asking for my bank...
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    Chimney on a grade 2

    A bit of a long shot here but.....some friends of ours have been quoted a price for the pointing, capping, flashing and making good of a stone chimney on a grade 2 listed building. Small chimney feeding from one fire. Without giving the price away we seem to think it's excessive.....any ideas...
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    Possible stupid question.

    Looking at the BBC league table, City have played 30 games, yet no other team have played 30 games, City are the only team to have played 30 games, shirley there must be one other, they haven't played it against themselves.....or if I'm having a senior moment here, please explain and forgive......
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    Another Ebay question

    I'm looking at privately buying an old American outboard engine from the States. The vendor is happy to go ahead and I'm to use Global Shipping which I believe is connected to or run by Ebay. Has anybody used it or know roughly what cost for a 30kg package. I cant find anything related to...
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    Fascinating lockdown viewing

    Wow, how a little island pisses off the world. Great !!!
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    The ' Let's relieve the boredom ' thread

    Lifted this from the Daily Mail...should kill a few minutes Only 1 each, no cheating...50 in total Ride a white swan T Rex.
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    When the wife's watching her shite on Netflix my laptop slow right down, is this normal and in laymans terms what is the problem and what can be done about.
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    TV Help

    Just bought what appears to be an all singing all dancing 43 inch JVC from PC world. In the shop the picture was pin sharp, yes I know they display them that way... however the picture at home isn't as pin sharp. I know, certainly in the old days that bigger screens were more grainy but it's a...
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    Online business account/bank

    Any one got any pointers for the above. Actual banks are a bit thin on the ground around here and we need a 3rd business account and dont really want to put all our eggs in one basket so to speak. Looking at an online bank and need to take into account ease of use, the Gov. £85k guarantee etc...
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    Green Flag / RAC

    Anyone use them and which is better. I've been with the RAC, 3 cars £240 / annum but I've had a quote fron Green flag...£108 / annum for the same 3 cars. That's a big difference and I'm wondering if there's a reason. I've had to use the RAC twice in the last 2 years and they were fine.......
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    Back to normal, now what ??

    Peace and tranquillity shattered, bikers by the score screaming through the valleys closely followed by ambulance sirens....donor day is back with a vengance. Cant hear the birds or the peaceful hum of bees, back to normal then.... Thoughts of packing it all in and doing something different...
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    Football memorabilia...need help

    Just going through some of of my Dads old stuff and came across the following ( cant post photos anymore....) It's a dark blue gate folder With The Esso Collection of Football Club Badges in red in a white border. On the back it's got a brief explanation of the folder and ...Esso The action...
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    Retirement...when, how old and how much??

    I'm looking at 62-63, 3 years time..then another 4 to pick up the state pension. In the meanwhile could sell or get someone to manage the business and I'd work part time in it giving me something to do as I have a very low boredom threshold, got some savings though not a huge amount, some...
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