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    This Guy Needs Consulting By Our Merch People

    Firstly, I am merely a customer, I have zero affiliation to the guy or his business .... I simply think that he comes up so often with designs and merchandise that hits the spot with so many supporters. The club really could do with looking at them, and possibly encorporating his stuff into the...
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    Did You Get Any Good Christmas Pressies?

    Come on, forget the socks and aftershave, any goodies? I got .... 3x4, by The Bangles, Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade and The Three O'Clock. (Each band covers three of the other's songs from the heyday of the Paisley Underground.) Petty - The bio written by Warren Zanes of The Del Fuegos. The...
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    For Fans Of Blue Oyster Cult

    The Symbol Remains. This is their first album of all new material since 2001. For me, it's their finest since Fire Of Unknown Origin in 1982. an absolute classic. The opener, That Was Me is pure BOC at their best. Shout out for Tainted Blood, Stand and Fight (A riff Metallica would love to...
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    Steve Priest R.I.P.

    Hearing sad news that Steve Priest of Sweet has died. He was my first bass playing hero, and introduced me to the great sound of Rickenbackers. R.I.P.
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    Do a search for 'Gobshites' on Google maps.
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    Spanish Match Fixing News

    Oops ...
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    Goater (Our Dog) R.I.P.

    Our almost 15 year old English Springer left us on New Year's Eve. Top dog, top Blue, who both met, and had a signed pic that said 'To Goater, from SL Goater' .... and that he couldn't wait to tell his kids back in Bermuda about. Run free big lad. CTWD and beyond ....
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    Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd R.I.P.

    The man responsible for the classic opening guitar lines to this song, and so much more has died today ... R.I.P. big guy.
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    Lenny Kravitz Apollo

    Ticket now going spare for this gig on Tuesday 19th June. General Standing. Face value. PM if interested.
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    Blossoms On TV

    Two great songs, and a mention for the Champions too .... Good lads (And fantastic pub they are named after)
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    Def Leppard Tour Hysteria Album

    No fan meself, but know they were popular with this album. Playing it in full ('and more') Hate arena gigs, but will go along purely for the support band ..... Cheap Trick.
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    Wireless Signal Fluctuates

    Within a matter of seconds, it can go from full bars, to one, to zero and back again on my Asus laptop. This has been happening about two weeks now, only on the laptop, and not on phone, nor wife's laptop, so can't see it being the hub at fault? Just wondering if there is any 'fix' or maybe the...
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    Untraceable Email?

    Okaaaaay ... I know this sounds more than a little 'dodgy' .... but some little twunt out there has caused my missus untold grief by being a nasty little grass. Am not planning to do him any proper damage (I have learned to control doing such as I got older, and a bit wiser ...) But I do want...
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    Long Running Script Message

    Keep getting this message on here, (and a few other sites) and then 'Recover Webpage', which frustratingly then returns to the start of any article/thread .... Any fixes please?
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    DIsk Clean Up Problem

    My laptop is running quite slowly, so looked to clear some junk from it. But when I try to launch the Disk Clean Up option, it just gives this message: 'Insert Media' 'Some files are missing. Your Windows installation or recovery media will provide the files' Anyone any idea what this means...
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    Fans Of The Band Dodgy?

    Just heard from Dodgy's Mathew Priest that the band are playing on the stage in City Square before the derby next Thursday ...
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    New Range Of Merchandise In Store

    Is it just me that thinks the prices of these items are well over the top for the average supporter?
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    Bravo To Be Replaced?

    Just seen this pop up ..... Certainly a strange one ...?
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    Virus Problem

    Seems I have got a virus problem on my laptop .... Everything running very slow. Downloaded Avast, and it appears on my desktop, but will not allow me to open it. Any ideas folks?
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    Forgotten City Centre Pub

    The Brewers. Opened in about 1976/7 .... It was on 'Pall Mall' Go down Market St from Piccadilly, turn left just at Boots ... and it was about 25 yards on the left hand side. Boddington's pub, it was way ahead of it's time décor wise, all stripped back to bare brick walls, sanded floors...
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