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    Rain !

    Anyone else got the pissing down rain and thunder ?
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    Alternative Commentary

    What has happened to it ? Apologies if i have missed something.
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    I know im very late regarding this film,i have seen different bits over the last few decades every now and then,but never got the hype about it. However,just watched it all the way through,......what a fucking masterpiece.
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    I am now officially bored out of my head,i have cleaned and gardened to death Can anyone point me in the direction of any decent films on Netflix or Prime please ? Ta.
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    Anyone else had this ?

    My old bank HSBC,have asked me to take ID and proof of where i now live,into my local branch,to enable them to allow my PPi guys to follow up my claim,I think this sounds a bit suspicous,has anyone else experienced this ?
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    Mendys injury

    Sorry if already stated,but can someone confirm what injury he sustained in the world cup,and how long will he be out for ?....Ta.
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    Im in Palma Nova for the final game,does anyone know of any blue bars there or Magaluf to watch it ? Ta,
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    how blessed

    are we to be able to watch the likes of yaya and silva,still cant believe it sometimes,dont take it for granted boys and girls
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    when does

    the transfer window open ?
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    has anyone

    been in the refurbed mancunian suite ?
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    i know the way a lot

    of blues feel about them,but who is actually going to stockport ? will be a good day on the piss if nowt else !
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    when do the scum l

    play next ?
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    will micah

    be fit for sunday ?
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    what colour

    do porto play in ? ta ?
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    are we on sky

    against west brom ?
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    on the postings "citys firm" is followed by "it just hit me " !
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    just watched

    the 1-6 yet again,i think now it is finally sinking in how fucking good that day was.not only the way we played and the goals we scored,and should have scored (10!)also the reaction of their glory hunting twats ,faces that they KNOW what the next 20-100 years are going to be like.
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    how long

    is vinnie banned for ?
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    is sunderland away

    on tele on new years day ?
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    is de jong injured ?

    fucking hope not !
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