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    Fixture problems ahead

    The cancellation on Sunday means a real fixture crisis could be coming for City. City already have two fixtures to fit in to a limited number of mid-week slots. There are already two home matches against West Ham and Arsenal (EFL Cup weekend) to rearrange. Should City beat Sheffield Wednesday...
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    Optimistic planning for the CL Final.

    Has anyone else booked flights and accommodation for Kiev as the end of May? I booked as soon as City went 4-0 at Basel. I did the same two years ago for Milan after City beat Paris Saint Germain to reach the quarter finals. We figured that if City got through to the final it would be a lot...
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    Promotion Code for Etihad Flights

    Does anyone know how I can find the promotion code available to season ticket holders to obtain discounts on Etihad flights?
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    Log in problems with Windows 10

    I cannot log in with Windows 10. I keep getting the error message: Cookies are required on this site. You will not be able to log in until they are accepted It worked fine for some weeks until Saturday. Nothing has changed in the settings and cookies are accepted.
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    Ticket Exchange

    Can anyone explain how it works? I am away in the Middle East for the Aston Villa match and put our two seats on the ticket exchange two or three days ago. Since then nothing has happened and the seats have not sold and are not showing up as available on the planner. I thought that only a few...
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