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    Golf Thread

    I know what you mean, but at least Reed plays up to it and I actually don't mind Speith; Thomas is a perfidious, moody little tw#t in my opinion.
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    Golf Thread

    Justin Thomas living up to his billing, as the biggest wanker in golf.
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    Golf Thread

    American players applauding a European missed 2 footer now.
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    Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread

    If only Europe can close the gap to 2 points an if Usyk can beat the showbiz pony.
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    Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Well, wasn't expecting that. Coupled with the nited result- turned out nice again!! Much needed.
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    Bluemoon Angling Thread

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    Best speech in a film

    Jaws - Quint's Indianapolis.
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    Golf Thread

    Not picking Rose; baffling. And some of the pairings??? We're doing a City in the CL final - not turning up
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    Golf Thread

    Sky ignoring it, despite the clearly audible unsporting shouts; can't damage the product and all that. It's as if they've bussed in all the frat houses and given them free booze. No doubt sky will refer to them as "knowledgeable" at some point.
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    Golf Thread

    Only the first day - but can see this becoming a very unsavoury Ryder Cup. The American's have no sense of sportsmanship.
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    Golf Thread

    Don't you just love American crowds?
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    Chelsea Thread - 2021/22

    Sorry to hear we're beneath you. Nicknames on a football site - heaven forfend.
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    1880 Group

    Astounded that any clubs were founded before 1992.
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    Gary Caldwell, new loan team coach

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    Who should be our new striker?

    You think he's happy? Subtleties.
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    Never doubt Pep

    Some truth in that, to combine the 3 would be good though.
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    Martin Tyler

    Or an aged Fred Gwynne.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    The United Way.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Nothing has been done about yobs stopping a match, nothing will be done about Mattic. The FA way, serving the United way.
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