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    Calling all cycling enthusiasts...

    Just got hold of my PInnacle Neon 2017. It's my second as the first had to be returned because the rear wheel was pretty deformed. I'm looking at this one now and am pretty confused. I can't quite tell how large the wobble in these wheels are, and if it's realistic for me to true it by hand...
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    Painting and/or Decorating

    My flat badly needs renovating. Everything is in good nick but needs repainting or papering. I've seen my parents wallpaper (very effectively) and paint walls (not so impressive) but have no experience, and the rates for professionals makes them out of my reach. I've got two mates - one of whom...
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    Cunk on Britain

    Anybody watching this? Fascinating stuff. Episode 2 tonight 10pm BBC2.
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    Download - City vs Bournemouth (SD)

    960*540, good quality, English comms Two .ts files (h264 codec). 1.15gb total. Click 'Download With Browser' 1st Half (including half time);!OkEDXaAb!Xej0yr-cL6fjtaImT0cBz4WaCyX0Gi7S6gafEiqTTCM 2nd Half;!ms03XISa!5lHFa1MSXnsRKvKVMpFJWHlav9Kpao1NIHsnvbRtgtM
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    Palace City Download

    1st half;!K4sgyDZD!fgfabPVmVJJ7uj1F7MKDJVJLPSDRLva18lGltE54JYw 2nd half;!K4FVVJhT!A2OeQ8MzGOzPdz-VDBuuWD2zoCdQaMyjc5kiq211CU8
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    Help: PC Gear Heads / System Builders

    I'm building a new m-atx system (hurrah!) and could do with picking a brain or two regarding cases and airflow. The core system is a Gigabyte b85 m-atx board, i7 4790k, EVGA 500b, 2*8 gb ddr3, and I'll be adding a full length graphics card (960 or 970, depending on finances). Case wise, at...
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