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    Moving to Manchester

    Hello. I would like some info about moving to Manchester, please. And only Manchester. I am 31 yo, 2 children, twins, 3 and a half years old, and wife. We live in Constanta, Romania. I earn about €2000 a month now, but we would like to move to Manchester for the next 15-20 years, for the...
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    Raheem Sterling - 2017/18 performances

    Can t wait to see him again. Walker will offer him enough space for him to drift inside. If he will get his penalties than we are looking at 15 goals, 15+ assists next season.
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    SSN - CIty willing to listen to offers for Samir Nasri

    He is my favorite player and I really hope Pep will turn him into an world class player. I see him very similar to Iniesta. Let s hope he will finally show his class.
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