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    Joel Ndala

    Thread about our next elite prospect, in my opinion, in Joel Ndala. He's 15 still, I believe, but has featured for the u18s already and even scored in the derby this year coming of the bench. Has also scored for England u16s over the summer. Seems like a power left winger with great technical...
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    New u18 Scholars

    12 new scholars. See the Watford lad is included (Galvez). Any thoughts on who are the potential standout talents to keep an eye on?
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    The "Others" in the Academy

    I don't know where to put this so if the mods feel this should be moved, I agree. Two players out of the others that have had really good seasons, low-key even, are A Bernabe and C. Gomes. Both were originally midfielders (attacking mid for Bernabe and defensive mid for Gomes) and highly...
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    Liam Smith

    This move has been rumored to have been done weeks ago and seems like it'll be finalized soon. Any scouting reports on the lad?
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    Is Fernandinho the best Brazilian footballer to play in PL?

    In terms of achievements (trophies) and overall playing standard, is our Fernandinho the best Brazilian footballer to play in the PL? My best friend is an Arsenal supporter and he says Gilberto Silva is the best. I, obviously, disagree and feel Ferna has had the best time in England. What do...
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    Yangel Herrera - 2019/20 Performances

    Seems like a supremely talented guy. He has a future at City, IMO. He finished third in the Golden Ball rankings at the u20 World Cup. Underrated buy.
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    Sergi Samper

    "Arsenal and City - with Pep Guardiola joining in the summer - are interested in bringing Samper to England and could activate his release clause." I don't really know much about him except he's...
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    Antoine Griezmann?

    There are reports that there is mutual interest between the player (Griezmann) and Man City. I live in the US, so I have no clue how accurate some of these euro websites are. Dude is, at times, a phenomenal player for Atletico but is there a fit here?
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    Javier Pastore?

    There are reports that we are interested in making an offer for Pastore. Thoughts?
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