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    Question of Sport RIP

    When I was born in Eccles in early 1960s Eccles was in Lancashire until 1974 when it became part of Salford.
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    Philip Schofield and Rylan teeth on the respective radio ads for and Cinch,horrible cheesy adverts....
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    5-0, 5-0, 5-0?

    I went to Villa away during that barren home season and we played very well and beat them 3-1 with a solo run from Distin scoring the third at our end,great night.
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    Welcome Jack Grealish!

    Won’t form an opinion until that master of football knowledge Paul Scholes gives his verdict..
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    Jack Grealish

    Is Jack back yet ? After making his debut at the Etihad during the 4-0 win against Villa in 2014,his favourite colour is blue and loves KDB so all the signs were there..
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    My husband needs your support.

    Done,what a tragic story,hope you are successful and very sorry for your loss.
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    Would be funny if a black executive car sent to pick Harry Kane up,stopped at Hilton Park services to collect Jack Grealish on route,and was filmed by City. Pissboilers....
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    It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

    Any developments Tolm ?
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    March 22nd-23rd 1986 Memories

    Got my ticket via Bobby Charlton who used to visit a local business at Old Trafford flogging them on the Friday before the match,cheers Bobby,but stood in the Stretford paddock, a well earned Desmond tutu draw.
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    It’s easy for you to say….
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    What’s your worst holiday experience, destination?

    A week in Sunny beach Bulgaria in 1985 what a strange place.
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    Rain !

    Middleton hasn’t had the rain yet but boy it’s bloody humid,desperate for some rain.
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    Celebrities who get on your nerves

    Stacy Solomon screeched through abide with me if I remember correctly at the 2011 FA Cup final,awful.
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    Lionel Messi

    This thread needs an input from tolmie's hairdoo ......
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    Brian Kidd leaves the club

    I have said on here before on here,should rename Mancunian Way after Brian Kidd,the flyover sort of links Manchesters football club with Trafford.A real ambassador for Manchester and football and revered by both clubs.
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    tv/radio ads that really grate

    Any ad with Rylan/Philip Schofield in gets the thumbs down from me.
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    Carlos Tevez | How do City fans remember him?

    Argentine warrior,street man,winner.
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    Corny radio adverts with z list actors doing voiceovers,in particular the indeed recruitment ad on smooth chill,I need more staff,indeed you do ffs
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    Champions League Final | Post-Match Thread

    That’s probably the best opposition message ever on this forum.
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    Sergio Aguero leaves City after 10 years

    Goal scoring machine,amazing stats and trophies count with us and found a perfect club to showcase his talents from a young age,we were privileged to see him,along with Merlin and other greats..
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