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    Teeth grinding and mouth cuts

    Bit odd this but I’m sure someone must have suffered or have info, why would someone suddenly grind their teeth and chew the inside of their mouth during sleep. Went to the dentists for gum pain and he asked how long I have been grinding my teeth and that I have trauma ie rip in lower mouth...
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    Round pegs square holes player positions

    I see this mentioned quite often and a lot of different ideas being floated. So to lift the doom and gloom what's everyone's opinion only one position allowed per player Ederson keeper Steffen keeper Cancelo right back Walker right back Mendy left back Laporte cb Ake cb Dias cb Laporte cb...
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    Sometimes I have a look to catch up on figures when I have missed or can’t be arsed with the news. How accurate these figures are I couldn’t say but looking at some of the individual categories it makes depressing reading. We are currently concerned about Covid 19 and rightly so but there are a...
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    The worlds top sports and your opinion of the biggest icon Your opinion should be most iconic not necessarily the best, I have not searched for those more obscure sports and have just been honest and admitted i know fuck all about them, you can only be classed as iconic if non lovers of...
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    De Niro wtf!!!!!

    The once great actor and hero of mine seems to be desperate to erase any credibility he once had. I could put up with the camp sailor thing, the embarrassing focker thing, the cringeworthy grandad thing, even warburtons bread(you would have thought someone would have told him how to pronounce...
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    Anyone worked at MAG Manchester airport?

    As per title anyone got experience? I have a voicemail on my phone asking to ring them back but I have this little voice saying don’t do it. Any advice would be appreciated need to make a decision by tomorrow.
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    With the story in the news about the white guy who felt black-and picked up some art funding meant for someone who is actually black, is today the day when the world went mad?
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    Invictus Games

    Anyone watching? just seen the wheelchair race where the American girl slowed down and was urging the Brit to bronze, pretty heartwarming tbh. Don’t get some of the events and how they work out who competes with who, just seen the sprint and they had runners with two legs, one leg no legs and I...
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    Eastern European cities

    Looking for somewhere with lots of good architecture, bars and restaurants but without spending a fortune like Dublin or Paris. Any ideas for a 3 day break beginning of October?
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    Top Trumps Cars

    Following on from the PCP thread and my dislike of new cars I would like to know if fellow bluemooners share my views. Starting with sporty saloons which would we prefer to own without the ability to sell. Mercedes 190e shades it for me. Which is best for you or any other contenders.
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    As a none drug user(except alcohol,e cigs and paracetamol) this looks like serious shit. For anyone tempted please don't.
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    On the hunt for a £2000 luxury banger

    For any petrolheads out there yesterday being Friday the 13th I drove my car into a wall so I need a new car. As tax for cars pre 2006 are cheaper and I only do 3k a year this will be my last chance to get a big engined petrol car. The insurance and mpg isn't a concern but don't want big bills...
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    Sports personality of the year

    well done Andy Murray and Leicester
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    Sky wi fi

    i have allowed on my sky shield and can connect to the website okay via my iPad so I downloaded the app on my Samsung which worked but if I click on anything it says can't load data check connection. Any ideas I've never used the app before
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    Last whites of the east end

    People feeling isolated in their own communities, never mind Dave at least our European holidays will stay cheap.
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    The best group of all time

    Not talking about individual choice but the group with the most classic songs we all agree on, people say Led Zeppelin but apart from stairway to heaven they did fuck all, can anyone beat The Beatles Talking heads Oasis Elo
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    The states driving holiday

    I have driven on holiday thru Vegas, Grand Canyon, Scottsdale, San Diego, la, San Francisco on fly drive but me and the Mrs fancy just getting a flight and a hire car and winging it for a couple of weeks, should we pick west coast or east coast, we only have 2 weeks so want 5 or 6 six places to...
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    Online poker sites

    Any of you guys/girls recommend a good online poker site? I was on Titan but i wasn't a fan, play no limit hold em tournaments mainly sit and go but would like an option for the odd big tourney with big prize money, a good level of traffic and decent graphics is a must Most reviews seem to be...
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    The special needs hotel

    anyone been watching this, on episode 2 now, best programme I have seen for ages, heart warming with some real funny moments, some great characters in it
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    Inside the ku klux klan ch4

    dangerous racist nutters or all talk no action imbeciles ?
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