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    Driving using brake/accelerator hand controls

    Having to quickly concede that my driving is becoming a worry. I have already had to go to an automatic car as the muscles in my left leg were struggling to use the clutch and now, several years on, my right leg is struggling too, particularly with braking. Wheelchair bound, my WAV is my...
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    Fly Killers

    As Summer weather warms us, it brings its perennial problem of bluebottle and other unwanted flyers into the house. We already have a zapper, but it isn't keeping up with them. Now thinking of those unsightly fly papers, but wanted to know what other things people have tried, and whether...
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    Attitudes to Disabled People

    My legs are totally shot and I can no longer walk or stand up without holding on to something, else I would fall. To go out, which I still love to do with my dog, I use my WAV and walk my dog whilst using my mobility scooter. In the main, people are great with me, but yesterday I suffered...
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    House Seller not Disclosing

    Moved house last week and yesterday the postman delivered a lot of paperwork from the solicitor, deeds, elect works certificates etc. Amongst them was a 10 year guarantee for underpinning works done in 2015. This was never disclosed by the seller and they even ticked no against any...
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    Testicular Torsion

    Anyone had this and could share what the symptoms were and the treatment received. Have had several nights with my right knacker in agony, got so bad was throwing up with pain Finally plucked up courage to call doc this morning and have got an immediate appointment for later today
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    Life on an SSBN, Ch5 2100

    Ch5 getting a 5 day insight into life on a UK nuclear deterrent submarine. Totally different type of lockdown, no daylight, man made and recycled atmosphere, made fresh water and no personal communications with the outside world. Whilst this is only a 5 day insight, imagine this life for...
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    Contacting ISP during Covid

    For over a week now my broadband and phone have been dropping off at least six times daily. I'm currently been supplied by Sky who, up until now, have provided a really decent service. I appreciate that with Covid restrictions, their customer service provision will have had some impact, but...
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    Metal Sheds

    Was going to pay over a grand for a 14x10 wooden shed until the supplier wasn't able to deliver due to wood shortages. Have been looking at the metal ones online as not only are they half the price of wooden ones, but they are avail immediately. Has anyone got any experience of having or had...
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    Home Brewing Wine

    Moved house in Feb and inherited several established fruit trees (plums, damsons, pears & apples). We have had bumper crops on most and have harvested already, over 40 kilos of damsons, with similar yields of plums still to be picked. Thought I would ressurect winemaking, something I hadn't...
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    Tips on Sleeping in hot weather

    Been a few consecutive nights of high temperatures throughout the night, making sleep uncomfortable. Last night was Dreadful and didn't manage much sleep at all. Sheets and pillow cases wet through, duvet on floor Anyone got any useful tips?
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    Obtaining someones home address

    Does anyone know of a way I can track down the home address of a tradesman who owes me some considerable monies. I don't think he has a business as in registered with Companies House. I have his name, mobile number, his Facebook account and the area in the UK he lives. Tried but got stuck...
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    Blue Moon Quiz

    Merry Christmas to all Blues Santa brought me a Man City Quiz book and for fun only, thought I would post some questions for all to have a go at. Answers tomorrow, and if there is an appetite, will post 5 new questions daily through to New Year. Good Luck:) 1. In 2004, we famously came back...
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    Seat Available for Home Games This Season

    My PA seat will be avail for the home games this season. Need £35/game to cover my fuel costs. Looking for genuine blues only with good post history (member on BM > 12 months and > 50 posts) I will retain SC and meet at ground for each game. PM me for details if interested
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    BT Customer Care

    Apologies if another thread exists. I am at my wits end with this incompetent bunch. Paying £89.50 / month for superfast Fiber BB/BT Sports and phone line. Noticed recently that whilst guaranteed min 35mbs, it had fallen to 15mbs. Called BT who sent an engineer to investigate and confirm...
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    Vestibular Nerve Damage

    Yesterday, my 13 yr old border collie just fell over for what looked like she had had a stroke. Her eyes were constantly flickering and she is drooling persistently. She was so unstable and didn't know where to put herself. tbh I thought I was loosing her. Rushed her to the vets and she...
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    Claudio Bravo 18-19 Performances

    Seems to be playing with more confidence, lets hope this continues and restores some faith in some fans.
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    Are North Korea

    baiting Trump deliberately or simply posturing? If Trump gets out the wrong side of bed one day, I don't think he would need much convincing to press the button and then we are all in the shit
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    inclusion Body Myositis

    Have just been diagnosed with this condition and advised that there is no current successful treatment. Whilst not life threatening, Dr has told me that it will worsen to an extent that a wheelchair is the only realistic outcome. Anyone out there also have this condition?
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    Lens Replacement Surgery

    firstly, apologies if a similar thread exists. I am thinking of having the above and would like any experiences from the forum Good, bad or indifferent. I am considering it as a) I get headaches if I wear my glasses fortoo long - yet I need them and b) at the games, I really struggle to see...
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    Kodi Firestick

    Anyone using one of these? are they any good for live streaming and are there different makes/ones to avoid etc? Any help appreciated
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