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    Musical Mentalist Lee 'Scratch' Perry is Dead

    I was going to see him on tour in November. Sad news. He came out with some mad shit. I remember reading an interview he did with Q magazine back in the day and he said (might not be verbatim), "To share a toilet with my wife would be an abomination."...
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    Safe Standing To Go Ahead This Year

    From the BBC: Plans to lift the ban on standing in the English Premier League and Championship are set to be announced by the government, the BBC has learned. It is thought a handful of grounds will be able to use designated safe standing areas...
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    I Am Crap At DIY

    You'd think that drilling a couple of holes in a wall to put up a blind would be pretty straightforward but no. Why is it that every time I try to drill, the drill bit only goes in about half the length of the wall plug? No matter what drill bit I use, no matter what drill I use... this...
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    Things To Do In Manchester For Families

    Any top tips this weekend for places to take family including children? Thanks.
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    Pablo Zabaleta Signs...

    ...for Iron Maiden, or something.
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    Carlo Ancelotti's House Burgled. In Liverpool.
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    Ban Them For Life

    Absolute scumbag c*nts, throwing things at players. Embarrassing. Disgraceful. Shameful.
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    Justin Trudeau So is 'blacking up' when in costume as Aladdin racist? If so, why?
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    Recommend an Action Cam?

    Hi all. Just wondering which are the best action cams for attaching to a head strap while running. Looking for one with good stabilisation and long battery life and which will pick up spoken word easily when outside (but doesn't make any other rattly noises itself). Also one that is small and...
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    Domain / DNS problems - Shopify/123-reg/Office365

    Can any computery people out there give me some advice? I'm trying to set up Shopify to use my domain and also to use e-mail through Office 365, also with my domain. I originally bought the domain from Yesterday, I had Shopify working. I successfully tested by buying and...
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    Getting a Website Designed and Built

    ...for a reasonable price? Just been quoted £5k+ which was a bit of a shock and several times above what I was thinking. Can anyone advise? I'll paste below what I sent to the designers. I've been developing a digital product (i.e. pdf files) which I plan on selling to schools. What I'm...
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    I've Ditched Sky - What Are My Options?

    Had enough of Sky, so I've cancelled. Now, I'm about to move to a tiny village with no fibre optic and very crap broadband (2Mb). What I'd like to know is: what are the options for getting the football on TV? I've no idea how any of these box thingies work, and I've no idea what else is out...
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    Raheem Sterling Officially Sings

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    Any Firemen...

    in Greater Manchester? My house is on fire. PM me for the address.
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    Where Do You Put Your Trousers?

    I searched, but couldn't find a similar thread. But I'm sure it's been done to death, so mods - please merge. I feel that important concerns like this need to be discussed in the public domain. It's been troubling me for some time now, so I'd appreciate some advice. What is the general...
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    Does anyone here watch football? If so, do you support a team? Ever attended a match in person? All football talk in this thread only please.
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    Potential House-Selling Problem - Anyone With Experience?

    We are looking to sell in the coming months. However, a closed-down pub over the road was recently set ablaze, and now looks very ugly and off-putting. We are in quite a low crime area. I was wondering if anything can be done - is the owner under any obligation to sort out the appearance of the...
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    Cost of building a house - anyone with experience/knowledge?

    OK, I've got the option of buying some land from a relative. The land comes with planning permission for a fairly large, detached 4-bedroom house (all double rooms, one with en-suite) with garage, conservatory, separate dining room and two reception rooms. It's situated in a tiny village in the...
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    Wembley Pubs

    Which would you recommend and why? List from <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ity-Shield</a>
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    Stream vs Cardiff?

    Stadium Cam isn't very good. Would appreciate a PM... English comms preferred! Mods - please move / delete if this is inappropriate.
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