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    Lescott signs for Racing Murcia in Spanish 3rd division

    Had to do a double take but this is no joke! He has agreed to play in their Copa Del Rey tie against Levante. What the fuck??
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    Burnley - £200m takeover by Mohamed El Kashashy

    Dyche to be given funds for “major investment” if it gets rubber stamped by the Premier League. Let’s see if he changes his tune on money in the premier league...
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    #31 | Ederson - 2020/21 Performances

    I don’t know what the stats are, but for some reason I have zero faith in him saving a penalty. Is it just me? Feels like he hardly ever stops them, even if he goes the right way.
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    Jorge Carrascal - Next CFG signing?

    “Who?” I hear you ask. Nope, me neither.
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    Laptop for photo editing and WFH

    My current laptop is on its last legs so looking to get a new one for working from home and for running photography software (Lightroom, Photoshop etc). Can the more technically gifted among us please advise how much I realistically need to spend? Or even recommend a specific model for my needs...
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    Pep calls out Scudamore

    “The last two seasons, it was an owner from the Premier League (Scudamore) that says that can’t happen again. City winning the titles that way with 100 points is not good for the Premier League. Now it’s Liverpool, the owner has to be concerned again...” Love it. I would love to be a fly on...
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    CFG to expand into Malaysia

    World domination continues.
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    Used family car advice needed - £10k budget

    I’ll be honest, I know the square root of fuck all about cars, so thought I’d tap into bluemoon’s collective knowledge for some help. I haven’t driven for about 7 years, but with a little one on the way I now need to get back on the road. So looking for a practical family car, need decent boot...
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    Our last 57 League games

    P57 W49 D6 L2 Goals For 166 Goals Against 36 Goal Difference +130 153 points from a possible 171!! An average of 2.684 points per game over that prolonged period, which is on par to achieve 102 points over a 38 game season. It’s fucking unreal. Yet there’s a debate whether this is the best...
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    Sergio Agüero - Manchester City's All Time Top Goalscorer

    Eric Brook - 177 Sergio Agüero - 176 Tommy Johnson - 166 Colin Bell - 153 1 more to equal the record, 2 more to set a new one. Upcoming fixtures: Napoli (H) Burnley (H) Wolves (H) West Brom (A) Napoli (A) What a legend.
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    Welcome Douglas Luiz

    Done. Probably off on loan now?
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    Good luck Tim Peake!

    Anyone watch his successful launch this morning? Absolutely buzzing for him, the live pictures were amazing. Britain's first official astronaut on the International Space Station just after 5pm today when he docks. Good luck Tim!!
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    SSN live from CFA on Monday morning

    May have been mentioned elsewhere, not sure, but "Good Morning Sports Fans" on SSN will be live from our Academy on Monday. They say they'll have special guests, interviews etc, and will have behind the scenes access. I love shit like this, and thought I'd let others know if you're not aware of...
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    Norway in December?

    Anyone been? Trying to work out whether it's worth going or not? Sunlight is an issue, I imagine. Maybe 4 or 5 hours of sunlight per day? The reason I ask is because I have seen return flights to Oslo for a tenner. Yes, a tenner. Can't even get a taxi home from town for that! Obviously it's...
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    So what's on your bucket list?

    Would like to hear some of your dreams/bucket list items, out of curiosity and also for inspiration! Mine are: - Everest Base Camp trek, Nepal - Annapurna Circuit, Nepal - See the Northern Lights, possibly in Iceland - Travel South America, mainly Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile - Machu Picchu -...
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    Player appreciation (how it should be!)

    So I'm currently living in Melbourne and have just got back from Melbourne City's first home match of the season (a no brainer to make them my second team!) and I was blown away by what happened at full time. Every single player, without exception, walks a full lap around the stadium, shaking...
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    Using my iPhone in Australia

    Ok, so I'm a complete technophobe with things like this. I have an iPhone 5c - how do I go about being able to use it in Australia? What are my options, so that I don't end up with one of those several thousand pound bills that you hear people getting? Silly question I'm sure, but I'm not savvy...
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    Ice Bucket Challenge

    I'm confused here. Dumping icy water on your head is the ALTERNATIVE to actually donating money towards ALS research... isn't it? So why isn't the challenge to NOT do that? I'm confused!
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    United Thread 2014/15

    It will become even more amazing too. We are done with incomings, but will sell Nastasic, Richards, Sinclair and Guidetti. So our net spend will drop by about £20m or so. Whereas the rags will panic buy and get closer to PSG. They're doing it the United way.
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    Vanishing spray

    The Premier League have confirmed that they will be using the shaving foam in the league this season. Yaya and Kolarov will be very happy about that!
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