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    606...did we actually play today?

    Sorry, as after getting back from the game, I had work to do, but listening to 606 I am now convinced that I must have dreanmt it all....was there any mention or discussion on 606 this evening? Furthermore, during the Rag wankathon their points difference were compared to all the other top 5...
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    'Loyalty' in Football.

    My son wrote this for a fan website yesterday, wanted me to post it on here. He's an aspiring sports journo'
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    the poznan ..

    Every time I log on to the OS the backdrop is always us lot doing a mass Poznan The club clearly value it (and the players have echoed this) and the # together thing is clearly tapping that Seeing that mass poznan and remembering some of the great moments that provoked them gives me an...
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    Bumping into fellow Blue Mooners

    A long , long drive to the campsite at Fidden Farm at the far tip of the Isle of Mull involves 2 ferries and a 10 hour journey... Imagine my delight , when, arrinving at this farflung outpost of the hebrides, the tent next to ours raises a Ciy banner !!!! Better still, on moving to make...
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    Wales 4 Norway 1

    With the carpet bombing of all media by the England hype you could be forgiven for missing the fact that other home nations were in action this weekend Wales are beginning to string together quite a nicel little run of victories with some promising young talent in their sqad.. Well done to the...
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    Balotelli song

    There was a great full page article about Balo in the Gardian's main section yesterday. Sorry can't do the linky thing. They mentioned early on that the Balo song is having 'verses' added to it as the list of balo's exploits grows. I wasn't aware of this Has anyone heard the extra bits ? If...
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    Neil Custis

    Just been having a sandwich with one of my colleagues (a Blackburn fan) in the canteen at work and baconface comes on the box. My mate says... oh my neighbour's a big mate of his Who's that?I asked: He writes for the Sun... neil ... Custis I suggested.. yeah , that's the one.. Him and...
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    Talkshite City / Scum poll

    Talkshite have seyt up a poll on who has impressed most over the first few games. Can't do the linky things but get voting , fellow blues !!!!!!
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    City ad at bottonm of Ashto Old Road

    Anyone seen the new City 'Be Part of It' ad at the bottom of ashton old road. It is enormous and featutes Mancini and key members of the squad in what I would descibe as 'communist propoganda poster' stlye. It looks like a huge mural rather than a poster....on a building gable end.. Norn Iron...
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    Ribery and Malouda

    According to my Mrs (a Lyonaisse) French radio (France Inter , to be precise) were breaking a rather lurid story last night that Ribs and Maloda had been busted in a brothel.. .... the main problem being that at least one of the girls involved turns out to be under 18. This means court for...
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    Anyone going to Jethro Tull tonight at the apollo ?

    Looking forward to it. Anyone else going off here? Taking my heavy metal addicted teenage son who's developed a soft spot for them , too ! Any other Tull fans on here?
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    Sorry.. I know this seems naive etc... but why is it that we don't close players down in midfield?? Why is it that that the likes of the Rags and Mackems press in midfield when not in posession (i.e. TACKLE) whereas we seem to do this pathetic backwards shuffling duck movement, giving the...
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    Whitmore on Talksport now

    That twunt Ian Whitmore is on Talksport NOW. Let's getin there and sgrag him. I've got to go out of the office now but I would love somone to ask him how he can resolve the confflict of interest being a Rag with sitting on panels makgin decisions about suspensions of players for games...
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    Accroding to Sport, (on Newsnow) Bentley is set for exit from spurs for a likely 12m fee with Manchester City the most likely next stop for relink up with Mark Hughes. Always rated this guy but can't remember if he's left or right sided. Worth a punt ?
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    Radio 4 Today and Talkshite have both reported a big fall out between DD and Big Phil. DD is 'Dropped' ATM and acc to R4 'looked disinterseted' in his last Chaelski appearance. Both channels suggested that he may be wanting out. Worth a shout ???
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    Funniest ever poster on bm.

    Id say Pam shes funny and Thanx4knives. What about you?
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