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    Travelling british airways...

    Anyone gone through the check in process for BA? Trying to do in on my mobile using the app and mobile website, I know I need to upload some covid docs but can't find a link/portal to do it. Any help appreciated. Cheers
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    Health anxiety

    A nice light one for a Saturday night... I've done so much googling (no doubt part of the issue) and convinced myself something is quite badly wrong. Seem to be developing new symptoms very quickly and many sound like red flags. Been to the docs twice in the last week and awaiting some blood...
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    Kids wearing other teams’ clothes...

    The in laws are 'Leeds' fans, as is my wife, but I've been to more Leeds games since I've known them than they have (2 vs 1 in 6 years...!) Since we got together, it was always understood that any children would be brought up as city fans. Last week the in laws bought my son some Leeds...
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    Getting rid of my programnes

    Got about 90% of homes and a few seats from 98 to 2011. Most in good condition, earlier ones likely to have been scribbled in though! All for free, just pay the postage (based in leeds)! Let me know if you're after one in particular and I'll dig it out.
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    Video Refereeing Trial

    If you're not up with your football current affairs, you may not know that the use of Video Assistant Referees will be trialed in the upcoming World Club Cup. For those interested the IFAB procedure can be found here -
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    Updated Laws of the Game

    For those of you who are interested the Laws of the Game for 2016/17 have been updated and released online - - any changes from last year are underlined. The main two changes we'll see are: A player who is injured...
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    New Fireplace - help / advice please!

    We're getting the gas fire in our living room replaced however due to the age of the property we've been advised that the chimney might require lining. Initially one quote said they would test for this then install if required (for £350) but he's now saying he'll only do the work if we have the...
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    Half time challenge!

    Just got an email saying I've been selected to take part in the half time challenge at the Everton game on Wednesday, anyone else applied and got one!? Best take some suitable footware so I don't make a fool of myself slipping over!!
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    Referee v Everton (Semi Final 1st leg)

    everyones favourite...Robert Madley... will be the 4th time he's reffed us this season, won 2 (norwich and swansea) and lost 1 (West Ham)
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    shameless ebay plug!

    i'm selling some match worn and match issued city shirts to raise money for my wedding later this year there's half an hour of the auction left, please take a look and bid if you fancy owning some great city memorabilia! <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    City Quiz

    A bit of light entertainment for your friday afternoon... I put this together for the Harrogate OSC branch, the best score was 9/21, see if you can do better! no cheating please! How many goals have city scored in all competitions this season? Who scored city’s first headed goal of the...
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    Great North Run

    Any other blues doing this today?! I'll be wearing my 09/10 home shirt!
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    is anybody a genius with excel (specifically pivot tables)??

    i need help and have no one to ask! i've created a pivot table in excel which is not returning a value for a cell from the database. it should be returning the number 1 but the cell and formula bar are blank. if i change the number in the database from 1 to any other number or letter the pivot...
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    the rules of rugby...

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ata_player</a> seems like a pretty easy game to me!
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    something you may not have seen

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... pqrIyIWMY#</a>! dont think this has been posted on here before...a friend put this on facebook, just watched...
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    Only Connect

    This a game show on bbc my grandpa introduced me too last night i'd never seen it before but it's pretty good, you've got to find the links between groups there's a challenge on the bbc website: <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    New Laptop/tablet help

    I'm going to get a new laptop or tablet soon to replace my ancient desktop and I have no idea what to get! I'll have £300 ish to pay with I want to be able to watch DVD's and/or downloaded videos on it, store music etc i dont require it to do anything fancy, just decent memory, microsoft word...
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    Middlesborough vs City U16's

    I'm going to be running the line at this game next Saturday, cant wait to see how good they are! wonder if any of the young signings we've made will feature, or weather they'll play in the U18 fixture
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    ref for the community shield

    Kevin friend Decent, up and coming ref, certainly his biggest game so far
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    corrupt files, can they be salvaged?

    i;ve some pics taken this weekend that were taken on my phone onto a corrupt sd card and as a result i can't view them on my phone or on the computer i have all the files stored on my computer now, is there anyway of making them useable? thanks
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