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    BBC Quiz

    Looks like a tricky quiz on the beeb today
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    Cookies Pop Up

    Any chance you could add a reject all button to the site vendors page, rather than to have to manually switch off literally hundreds of individual switches. thanks
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    Music from your youff

    Over the last few months, having more time on my hands, I've started to rediscover bands that were around during my teenage years, but whose music at the time transcended my musical development. This started with Fleetwood Mac, travelled through Motorhead, The Cranberries and is currently...
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    Cloud Storage Solutions

    Looking for advice from tech savvy people, I'm after cloud storage for back up purposes, able to auto back up photos primarily but also other files, from a synology network drive. Need around 2TB to start with, expandable in the future. I currently use the free amazon photo storage but they're...
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    Best Female Harmonica Players in Rock

    I'll start
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    Man tries to prove the earth is flat

    instead proves the theory of natural selection
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    Premier League Team of the Decade

    Obviously it's Dippers isn't it.....oh wait
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    Aguero - voted 2nd top moment of the decade

    Some really bad choices in their list of 10 (Rooneys overhead shin, Ferguson retiring and England winning a penalty shoot-out are examples) but some of the comments are worth reading. I particularly liked this one 408. Posted byjohn evans on8 minutes ago As a Man United supporter the...
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    Eliud Kipchoge

    sub 2 hour marathon, astonishing
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    I've discovered something terrible, is it a safe place to discuss it here?

    It's shocking and life changing and I'm at my wits end Apparently, I'm 1/8th scouser :( fucking
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    Micah on the end of his career
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    Who Spoiled your day by Dying on your Birthday?

    A natural progression from the other thread, list of 3 if you can count that far The real Batman Adam West Charles Dickens Emperor Nero
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    VAR impact and consequence log - game 27

    Thought it might be useful to keep these together under one thread, as it appears VAR may have a significant impact this season running total 4 points down Manchester City v WHU (A) - Sterling goal ruled out for marginal offside - result 5-0 win - no consequence Spurs (H) - Jesus goal ruled...
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    When did you just know?

    for me, it was when we scored from a corner, proving beyond doubt that the football gods were with us
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    Making a Will

    Don't have one, probably should, are the DIY ones worthwhile/legally binding or do I need a solicitor/financial adviser/accountant?
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    Pelligrini ensures Legend Status

    only this
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    Anyone got one? quite fancy a cheapy to have a mess with, recommendations appreciated, preferably sub £100 with HD camera and decent battery life.....25th december is boystoys day after all
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    Sofiane Feghouli: West Ham midfielder's red card rescinded so, retrospective action against the face then for simulation? Inquest? No, thought not
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    The most sensible Robbie Story yet

    Well its as true as most of the others no doubt <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 911122220/</a>
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