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    Arrant nonsense to say that the wages we pay impact on Oldham. It's like saying the price of rooms at the Ritz impacts on the cost of B&B at Mrs Scroggin's Boarding House in Byfleet. Different spheres altogether.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    I don't think there's a simple answer to this. My observations: 1. Public transport to/from the ground is a joke, especially at night, which is (usually) when the cheap matches are. I know a lot walk to/from town, but this isn't realistic for old gets like me, and it takes time, which is sadly...
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    My missus clocked a guy blatantly stealing in Morrisons and mentioned it to the check-out woman. 'Oh, yes,' she said, 'he comes in most days. He's banned from coming in, but he still comes. Been to court a few times, but he keeps coming back.' Some of this shoplifting is down to genuine...
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    Southampton (H) | Post Match Thread

    It is worth remembering that players, however well-paid, are not machines. Due to Covid messing up last season and the ridiculous amount of football caused by international competitions, most of our guys have not had a proper holiday for two years. On top of that, because of injuries, we don't...
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    Jimmy Greaves RIP

    Brilliant player,one of the all-time greats. RIP Jimmy.
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    Dreams involving City?

    On the Wednesday before we beat the Rags 5-1 in 1989, I dreamed that they had beat us 3-0 and was really upset until I realised that we hadn't played the game yet. Since then I have had a few dreams where the outcome is more or less the opposite of the future game. Weird. The Charity Shield...
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    Why didn't you go to the Leipzig game?

    Going to the night matches has got to be too much trouble for an old git like me. The public transport in GM after the evening rush is a joke. As like as not I end up walking a mile in the dark from the Metro which I do not relish. If City want to send me a chauffeur-driven car it might be...
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    It would very naive indeed if I expected it to happen. Naturally, I don't, but I wish it would and if it did this country would be a better place. Our poisonous media do vast damage.
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    I am sick of the media in this country. Lying, manipulative scum. The whole lot should be shut down and replaced by organisations capable of objective reporting.
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    World Cup every TWO years

    I would like less international football, not more. A World Cup every 4 years and nothing else would be fine.
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    Stupid little things that make you happy.

    Seeing happy children - and happy dogs. It's a funny thing, but now I am an old git I have got to be more tolerant of kids. When they are making a noise I just think, well, I'm glad they're happy when so many other kids around the world have shit lives, and what's more, the poor buggers have a...
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    Should there be international football at this stage of the season?

    I am a bad person because I would not miss international football if it didn't exist. I certainly think it needs to be severely pruned as there are far too many of these disruptive breaks
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    Rate Our Transfer Window

    I've given it a generous 7. I think Grealish will prove to be an asset. £150 million for Kane would have been silly. Our problem is really top class strikers are few and far between and it seems we are not prepared to go for anything less. We have still done nothing about an LB or DM...
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    Biggest Cult Hero?

    Danny Mills. Oh, wait, you said cult. Scrub that.
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    FIFA executives were bribed to vote for the Russia and Qatar World Cups(proof)

    Well, I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you. I always thought FIFA, like UEFA, were paragons of probity such as you rarely encounter outside the House of Commons.
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    Oldham Athletic

    Could be the next Bury. Would not surprise me if they were.
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    Safe Standing: Rail Seating in South Stand

    I don't want to stand but I wish there were standing areas and seating areas with absolutely no standing in the latter. I refuse to go to Wembley these days as I know there is a very good chance I will have to spend 90 minutes staring at someone's arse.
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    Post Something Interesting

    The altar is always invariably roughly orientated to the east. In a very rare case when not, men to the right as you go in, women to the left.
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    Post Something Interesting

    Altars (with very rare exceptions) are orientated (nominally) to the east. The answer would be, men to the right as you go in, women to the left. From the POV of the priest/vicar/minister it is of course the other way around.
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    Post Something Interesting

    Up until Victorian times, men and women were segregated in church. Women sat on the north side of the aisle, men on the south. The system broke when more and more influential men decided they wanted to sit with their wives. However, it is still the custom at weddings for the groom to take the...
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