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    Club site "picking fee"

    Just went to order some stuff from the club shop. Got to the check out and not only is it £5 delivery to Urmston, its another £2 for "picking". Getting charged to buy something is a new low. Get it sorted city
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    Happy birthday Adebayor

    I couldn't care less, I just wanted an excuse to post one of the best animated images of all time.
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    Propaganda on national TV

    Funny how during intense trade talks between the UK and US we get these gems on national television. "Our" US ambassador wants advice on how to make a proper cup of tea. Cue images of a royal marine in full attire with a demonstration. Clips of Americans putting the milk in first, straight from...
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    Whats going on at Carrington

    Just drove past and the gates are open. First time in ages. Car park was full. Anyone have an idea what's going on?
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    We're not really here

    That is all
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    Pep's Oasis Lyrics on his wall

    Apparently he has a lyric from the Oasis song "Rock n Roll Star" on his wall. Any ideas what verse it is? I'm thinking " I need some time in the sunshiiiiiineeee" | Pep Guardiola's office walls are white so he can write ideas on them. Guardiola has a quote from Marcelo Bielsa on the wall, as...
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    City livery 787-9

    SPOTTED in South Carolina (CHS): Boeing 787-9 #Dreamliner (A6-BND) Etihad Airways Manchester City livery. Thoughts? Photos: #boeinglovers Tasty
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    Seasoncard relocations 19/20

    Does anyone know when you can relocate your season ticket? I read a comment on here earlier but cant see anything online. Thanks
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    final fantasy

    just bought final fantasy 7, 8 and 9 on the ps network for 12 quid. they are on offer at 3.99 each until next week. thought I'd share this bargain!
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    anyone know of any good places to go camping near Manchester? none of this paying crap, bear grylls style!
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    Best Betting Site?

    Going to set up an online account for the national. Does anyone recommend which is best? Got a HTC phone so an app would be handy but not major. Any with a nice signing on bonus would be sweet! cheers blues
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    New Phone Contract

    which is the best smart phone to get on contract? needs to be cheap as possible with unlimited data and texts if possible! safe!
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    Feed the goat and he will score!

    Anyone got a decent photo of the goat scoring against the scum? can only find small images on google.
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    Pubs in urmston..

    Showing the game tonight?
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    shameless usa

    dont waste your time!!
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    Anyone watching final in Manchester..

    thats not goin city square? if so where you goin? cant get tickets for city square so wondering where else will be good to watch? i know a lot are goin mary d's but was thinkin of a bit closer to town?
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    awaydays film

    is on bbc 2!!
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    SCUM wums on facebook

    Dont know if already posted but the sad bastards have been changing their birthdays on facebook to today. fair play it was pretty witty for those numptys, must of come from head office in london.<br /><br />-- Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:41 am --<br /><br />can anyone remember those glazier paper masks...
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    Come on Wigan!!

    Moses well should have scored! Rags diving and cheating as usual!<br /><br />-- Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:18 pm --<br /><br />nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
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    Typical rag How hard could Wayne Rooney's wonder goal really be?Wayne Rooney's goal against Manchester City was undoubtedly impressive. But surely our writer could easily recreate it . . . Share23 Gwyn Topham, Monday 14 February...
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