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    United Thread - 2021/22

    I still can't work out why people think it's in Salford?
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    Chelsea (A) - Sat 25 Sep 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Can't start with Torres. Got to be Foden Grealish & Jesus up front, all switching.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Yup. Even if they allowed them to build over the line, it'd cost millions just in line closures alone. That's a busy section so they won't be shutting it down cheaply.
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    Martin Tyler

    Well that tailed off quickly!
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    Fixtures Calendar - 2021/22

    We're at home aren't we? Play them at their ground in October.
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    Wycombe (H) - EFL Cup R3 | Post-Match Thread

    That could be an iconic photograph in years to come. Fingers crossed.
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    FIFA Punish Hungary

    That'll teach 'em
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    Pub recommendations City Centre

    Courteeners Blossoms & Johnny Fuckin Marr are playing at the real Old Trafford next Saturday so I'd imagine most boozers in the centre will be packed
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    Welcome Kayky!

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    Seasoncard - 2021/22 | Ticket Exchange

    I put mine up for the Southampton game on Monday. Got an email yesterday telling me they had sold.
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    Buying tickets for people

    This place is going to the dogs. 2 hours this took!
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    RB Leipzig (H) - CL - Wed 15 Sep 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    You can't at all for cup games. Non transferable, can't put on seat exchange. If you're on the cup scheme & can't make it, empty seat. Shambles!
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    RB Leipzig (H) - CL - Wed 15 Sep 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Fucking crazy isn't it? How can they think this is a good idea?
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    RB Leipzig (H) - CL - Wed 15 Sep 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    I mean technically, how do i give my ticket away if it's a digital ticket & not available for transfer?
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    RB Leipzig (H) - CL - Wed 15 Sep 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    It might be close to selling out but there will be plenty of empty seats. My 3 won't have anyone on as I'm working & can't take my dad & youngest. Can't exchange them so they will be empty. I can't be the only one with this problem.
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    Cup scheme ticket transfer

    Not for cup games. You & you only can use the ticket.
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    Bruges away anyone?

    You're brave to be booking any euro away games this season. The way country's have been put onto the red list with only a few days (sometimes even hours) notice has put an end to me doing any this year at the very least. I can't afford to be taking time off work if I need to quarantine on my...
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    Leicester (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Think it helped being a single tier with a low roof. That was definitely the loudest I've heard our away support for years (I know we've not been to many in 18 months) When the goal went in it sounded like 50000 cheering not the 250p we had. Great support
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    TV Series

    Love Ted Lasso. Some proper laugh out loud moments in it. If you have a PS5, you can get 6 months free of apple tv which is what I did. Never heard of Ted lasso until I did.
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