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    City fans' view towards the Champions League

    I know this has been discussed in various threads over the years, but I wondered whether views have changed towards the Champions League now that we've made the final? Personally, I've always wanted City to win the Champions League. From being a kid and hearing the music, there was always...
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    The London Marathon

    Evening all! On 24th April I’m attempting to run the London Marathon. Don’t ask me why, but I was watching on the telly last year and felt inspired to give it a go! I’m running on behalf of Shelter, a charity that support people with housing issues – whether that be homelessness, substandard...
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    Congratulations Wayne

    So... he finally did it! I know I won't be the first but I want to say a huge congratulations to Wayne. Time and time again they tried to destroy him but good old Bruce fought them off and saved Gotham City.
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    Wilfried Bony Disappointment

    Not sure where to put this thread but I'm seriously angry at the club this morning. I don't know how many of you are aware, but there was a competition whereby the first 50 people to buy a Wilfried Bony shirt would be invited to meet him. My son was desperate to meet him as he likes his style...
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    Resilience in the face of adversity

    Manchester City eh? What are we like? Do it the easy way? No chance! This season has been a bit like several others we have known - tough. We've lost games we should have won, and have slipped up and are now chasing the league leaders. In Europe we have also struggled to build on last season's...
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    The Gambia Football Academy

    I posted a while ago about meeting a bloke called Julius who coaches local kids in the Gambia. He loves City and they all play in City shirts as a kind of unofficial City football academy. They have to do a lot of work to find the money to help pay for shirts, cones, footballs and other items...
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    Where do we go from here

    Was having a bit of a daydream and remembering the playoff final in '99. The emotion that day was unbelievable and with the rags having done the treble a few days prior the gap between us and the scum was nearly the biggest it had ever been. Even back in '99 football wasn't the animal it is now...
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    City Sponsorship and Investment Abroad

    Not sure where to post this but if anyone can advise or help it would be much appreciated... Just returned from a trip to Senegal and the Gambia and stumbled across a football academy in the Gambia run by a local guy called Julius. He has kids from all ages playing in various leagues and trains...
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    No more football for me

    Had enough of it. It is an English game and it is a physical sport. I don't want half time shows and hand shakes, I want bruises and a physical contest. I also only want to pay £20 maximum per game. Here are reasons it has gone to pot; 1. continental types prancing around and diving 2. not...
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    Anyone been before? Thinking of booking a last minute deal here circa March this year. Just wondering whether anyone has been before and whether they would recommend - hotels, things to do etc. Apologies if there is a thread covering this somewhere else.
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    Hot young girls at bus stops

    Just got back from Manchester City centre. Was chatting to an absolute stunner at the bus stop. Can't have been much older than 16, if I see her again I will post pics.
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    Can England win the World Cup

    Just wondered if anyone watched this programme by Gary Lineker on Sunday. I'm aware a lot of people on here don't care what England do, but I'm an England fan as well, and it raised a lot of good points. Have to say Mourinho was spot on with most of what he said, if he could go and give them...
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