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    2 seasons of Messi or 4 of Kane?

    Depending on what works of fiction you choose to believe in wages there’s an argument that 2 years of Messi (sans transfer fee) would be cheaper than 4 of Kane what would be your choice?
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    Euro 2020 betting thread

    I’ve gone for our lad Torres as top scorer at 33s What is everyone else looking at?
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    The 2021 US Masters

    Anyone into this? Thought this was funny
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    Football stats websites

    Which ones do you use? You know those ones that come up with things like “when x scores it’s 27 games since they lost”. That sort of stuff
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    Bit late but city v qpr 93:20 thread

    Gonna have a few twists and turns this one
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    What is everyone having a bet on this weekend?

    Need some inspiration. Bored of the usual ACCAs and stuff. Been betting on corners recently and done ok - what does everyone else do football wise?
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    How do we get better next season?

    3 key things for me: - Having another striker option (given Jesus is 21 and sergio has injury/gametime issues) - Having a replacement for Fern (he's in his 30s and could probably benefit from being spelled - Fred seems like the option there) - Having an option for KDB (Gundog/Bernado seem the...
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    Bobby Madley

    Heard he had another cracker again today... 8 minutes injury time in which he wrongly over-rules a linesman to allow a hand ball equalizer...... Hmmmmm
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    Has everyone given up now?

    Interesting to see Spurs this weekend, and what they do Come through that and then realisticly that's it isn't it?
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    Pep's weaknesses

    Right! Far too much positiveness around here at the moment regarding our new gaffer. Lets have a bit of a reality check. So, Pep's weaknesses #1: Taste in Music
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    What is our strategy re youth players and loans

    Unal has had to move on as his loan this year. Zuculini was the same last year. Guidetti did well in Holland and was never seen again. And now Roberts goes to Celtic. What's the strategy - we've targetted quality young players but (nacho aside) none of them seem to break through (...yet)...
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    Reclaiming the taunts....

    There's only one set of Bitter fans in Manchester right now. And the Reds are clearly MASSIVE. So...what other of the historical taunts can we reclaim?!?!
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    The classic Blue Moon applause black n white animated GIF

    Hi - can anyone post the link to this please? Thank you!
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    Colin w''''''''er has moved into my village

    I'd like to give him a warm welcome, and I envisaged that Cellar dwellers might be able to supply me with some ideas. Any thoughts?
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    The 'We Will Win the Title' Thread (merged)

    - Our ACON returnees will give us momentum - Barca will dispose of us in the UCL and we'll only have the league to tilt at - Pellers will cast his mind back to what won us the title last year and pick the same team for 5, 6, 7, 8 games in a row - The league is so shit we could easily win 10 on...
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    Song for Bony?

    Bony Bony Bony Bony Aww aaww a awwa aaa aaahhh
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    Chelsea v Us

    I think I heard a stat on saturday that said they'd had 7 players start every league game this year If so, they've been fairly fortunate in terms of form, injuries and suspensions....perhaps more than we have Surely that can't continue....?
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    You are the boss.... what now? Blood some kids? Keep the faith? 4-5-1 4-4-2
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    5 trophies in 5 years

    2 down in year 1, what about this year? This might sound mad but it might be 0? I think we will prioritise the Champions League this year and I'm not sure we're quite good enough to win it yet? *Yes, this is an official "flapping" thread*
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    Thread to list our players who people DONT think are bobbins

    Looking at the board I think it's pretty much Zabba and Spanish Dave isn't it? (Plus maybe Ferna) Aleks and Garcia are regular scapegoats Yaya is lazy Kun injury prone and should be sold The beast is crap And Dzeko Navas not good enough Hart naturally Vinnie getting crap tonight I see Nasri and...
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