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    Satisfying Videos

    A chav getting kicked out of Poundland by a one-armed worker. Contains some nudity, but not the sort you want.
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    UEFA dealing with the big issues

    Racism in football? An investigation into why they broadcast a man dying? Fixing their technical issues in Baku the other day? Nope, making sure that the sponsors' products remain on the table in the press conference. Let's be honest, no-one would have even noticed them if it wasn't for Ronaldo...
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    More BBC bias

    Story I'm sick of this constant anti-bear bias from the BBC. The bear was clearly minding its own business and the dogs were the aggressors.
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    Spanish Laughing Guy RIP

    This guy has passed away today. Juan Joya Borja aka El Risitas. Given us lots of chances to laugh at the scousers and rags over the years.
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    Kevin Keegan

    The club have made a video for his 70th birthday. Some great memories there. Probably my favourite time watching City until the takeover.
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    Paul Canoville critically ill

    Story He's a bit before my time so I decided to look him up. He really has had no luck in his life. Raised by a single mum Forced to live in hostels when she moved in with her boyfriend Got falsely accused of rape Became Chelsea's first ever black player and got shitloads of racist abuse...
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    Ready Steady Cook

    You've got to make 5 meals for your kid and these are your ingredients. You're not allowed to use anything you already have in the house. What do you make? Story
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    Reading Challenge 2021

    When we did the Top 100 books thread, loads of people said they wanted to do a bit more reading, so I thought we could make a challenge of it. Here are the rules: 1. Pick a target (e.g. 25 or 50 for the year) 2. Books have to be more than 50 pages 3. Books that you started reading in 2020 but...
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    Bad news for w*nkers

    Story Interesting that rape victims having their videos reuploaded by users over and over wasn't enough to make them act, but Mastercard and Visa threatening to pull support suddenly did. I read that New York Times report last week and it's well worth a read. I'm not sure I agree that the site...
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    Too many penalties

    What's going on this season? 20 penalties already. The first Premier League season in 92/93 had 61 penalties in the whole season, and that was with 42 games. An average of 1.45 penalties per game week. And basically that was roughly the case for the first 10 years of the PL. In recent years...
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    Old Films Colourized

    I love stuff like this. This bloke takes old film footage, and uses computers to increase the frame rate and colourize it. I don't think the colour is historically accurate, but it's still pretty impressive. This train in Germany is incredible. Still working apparently.
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    Best City celebrations

    I always loved this one:
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    Danny Rose Interview

    A good interview of Danny Rose here. He speaks at length on his experiences of racism in and out of football. BBC article
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    We Are One Film Festival

    A great one if you're into your art films. All of the world's big film festivals have got together for an online film festival. I think it's running over the next 10 days with all of the films being uploaded to Youtube. Link It's a fundraiser too, so I guess donate if you can.
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    Another Rochdale?

    I've got a lot of family in Barrow and there's a girl has just gone public about the abuse she's received at the hands of a gang of men who have been bringing her round the North West and elsewhere to have forced sex with men. She's 19 now, and has come out publicly, but I think she says it's...
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    League Two finished

    Story Unclear yet how relegation and promotion are going to be decided.
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    'Arry Kane

    Fair play to him. Would be good to see some others at the top end of football follow suit and help out some struggling teams. Actually it'd be better to see a complete restructuring of football's finances, but I doubt we'll see that any time soon.
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    Dutch league cancelled | No Champions, No Promotion, No Relegation

    Story Eredivisie: Dutch top flight likely to be cancelled after major events ban extended The Dutch Football Association “intends not to continue” the Eredivisie season after the national government extended a ban on major events until 1 September because of coronavirus. Ajax and AZ Alkmaar...
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    Scottish football suspended until 10th June

    Not directly affecting us, but it's probably a good indication of how long (at least) it'll be until English football is back too. BBC
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    New Handball Rule

    Story So welcome to everyone's new kit for next year then:
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