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    Feelings towards the current side

    There was a report about a month ago that stated outside of '5 or 6' players, no one else was safe. Going from that, it made me think of the connection we have to the current crop of City players. For me, outside of 5 or 6 players, the departure of any other player for a reasonable fee wouldn't...
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    All-time City XI

    But with a twist. Based solely on their overall abilities not their overall contribution to the club, how would your all time City 11 look like. Mine would be: Peter Schmeichel Kompany Boateng Laporte Vieira KDB Bell Silva...
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    Pellegrini opens up about City

    Fantastic article about Pellegrini's thoughts about the season. Some very interesting insights. Not sure I'm allowed to post the whole article but here's the link!
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    Denis Zakaria

    He's 19, plays CDM and has made 25 league apperances for BSB Young Boys. Apparently we are looking to offer £10M+ for him. Link to the article:
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    KDB - Ready for the PSG tie?

    Just a quick question but will he be back for the tie. His expected return is, according to, the 2nd of April. The first tie seems to close for him to reach match fitness but is he in with a shot for the return leg? Would be a huge plus.
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    Are managers overrated?

    I've been thinking about this recently and I seriously believe that managers have become more of a symbol of the club adding to its image as opposed to a key cog in a side. For instance, if Pellegrini were to bring on Navas in the 70th minute against tired legs and he changes the game, it would...
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    Can we say Messi is up there?

    I heard the MOTD pundits discussing this and I'd have to disagree with them. IMO, for Messi to be classed in the bracket of Maradona and Pele, he's have to have a great World Cup which he had. He won the Golden Ball , arguably slightly undeserved, created the most chances, completed the most...
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    Thoughts on Tevez

    In the midst of 'Cakegate', I thought it'd be interesting to see the general view on Tevez. Has the view on him changed after he came back and helped us win the league or is he still hated for the way he treated the club after Munich? And what will be his legacy at the club?
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    Away Form

    What more can be said about our poor Away Form. It is undoubtedly an issue that we must look at. At home we are phenomenal but our Away form for the past couple of seasons has been a huge let down. 1 point out of a possible 9 against Stoke, Villa and Cardiff isn't acceptable.
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    Rate our new signings

    After the few pre season games we've played, I am very interested to know how fellow blues rate our signings in terms of what has been seen of them thus far. Personally, I would rate them as follows ; Navas - 8.5/10 Negredo - 8/10 Fernandinho - 7.5/10 Jovetic - 7.5/10 No doubt that all 4...
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    Who'd you reckon will be our new striker?

    After Dan Taylor's tweets stating that we are looking for a striker that will cost considerably cheaper than Tevez and won't be around the Cavani/Rooney,Suarez class, who do you think we will be after? Some say Jovetic but he would cost a fair bit himself wouldn't he? A player such as...
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    Samir Nasri {merged}

    Today again he was a passenger. Another useless performance from him. The final goal summed him up. He is scared of the ball and wasteful with it. I for one don't like him at all. I think he isn't the sort of player we need. Hopefully we get rid of him ASAP. There are so many better players than...
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    TV Shows that you enjoy

    What TV shows do you enjoy? Personally its a toss-up between The Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother.
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    Aguero not wearing Kick-it-out top?

    Maybe I'm making a mistake but on Tunnel Cam, was it just me that noticed that Aguero wasn't wearing the top along with Micah and Lescott. 6:00
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    They've proven us wrong.

    Dzeko and Kolarov. The two Balkans have been amazing so far. Dzeko for obvious reasons but I have really been impressed with Aleks this season. Some great goals, great assists and great performances. Yesterday, they both came off the bench and changed the game. Dzeko got two and Kolarov gave a...
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    What has happened to our defence ?!!

    2 years ago, according to many, we have a great defence but lacked attacking intent and relied on Tevez. Last season I think we found the right blend of attack and defence. This season ,however, our defense has been shambolic. With players such as Clichy, Kompany and Hart all at the back, we...
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    Looked very good in the training videos and seems to have improved since the last time he was here , so is there a chance he may stay? Hope he can play a part for us this season and would help with FFP.
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    Do Aguero and De Gea hate eachother?

    A stupid thread I know but I can't but help feel they dislike each-other. Was it just me that remembers that push De Gea gave him. They don't see to look at each-other in Tunnel-Cam so I'm sensing some bad blood.
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    Sir Alex Ferguson could face FA investigation

    Sir Alex Ferguson could face FA investigation after suggesting QPR "quit" against Man City on the final day of season What a tw*t
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    Nokia Lumia 710

    Is it a decent phone? 129.95 at CPW so if you have it, is it worth it?
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