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    Official: Raheem Sterling Signs On 5 Year Deal

    Nice tidy finish from the kid.
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    The Roma match has convinced me...

    Lopes, Denayer and Barker all looked the real deal for me.
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    Player Thread: Patrick Roberts

    Looks like a player from where I am sitting !
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    Marcos Lopes

    It's going to be very difficult now for Lopes to force his way into the side. With potentially De Bruyne and Pogba both arriving and even more likely Nasri not leaving it's going to be difficult to find they boy a chance. Let's hope it works out well for him.
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    Isn't Gill a girl's name ? Not that I am being pedantic !
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    Our Ruby Wedding Anniversary ... had better weekends !

    Congratulations Oakie ! Mrs Richfan and I come out of the Hospital the day before we were expecting June 29. Over 4 months we hsa...........d stayed there. Previously we had been tongether 9 years to the same week. I know that she looks good on the Dance Floor !
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    Chelsea Thread (2015-16)

    Stones is a very good player but a Centre Back does not win you the League. It is Forwards that win things. I really can see them ( especially with Jose ) doing their very best to win the Champions League. We will have even bigger fish to fry and especially if Pogba and De Bruyne actually arrive...
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    Football Lookalikes .....

    Brilliant - just keep me giggling !
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    RIP ifiwasarichfan (P 13)

    Wow ! - only just seen this. Wild horses couldn't keep me away now. Last night, in "the death in paradise" thread I explained how it wasn't looking good and basically I have a year left I would copy it but I can't - sadly you can only do certain things now but I am really, really looking forward...
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    United Thread 2015/16

    Bit to much to be honest. Can't believe that so many City fans think that Dalmain, Scnridelin, Scweinsteiger and Dapay all all such awful players. They aren't and ill piss top 4; unless something seriously is wrong.
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    Malky Mackay

    Ha Ha ! I still think there is much more to this than meets the eye. He does seem a nasty piece to me from where I am standing.
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    Tottenham Hotspur thread (2015/16)

    Good set at Spurs. Far better than Everton and Liverpool in my opinion. What they need to do is forego the Europa League, FA Cup, and League Cup and work really on trying to secure a top 4 spot. Kane is a super player for instance but they do have to stop buying the players who aren't good...
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    Factual Old-school City Myths that are untrue

    We didn't really take around 70,000 to see York away - but it felt like it and of god's sake don't let the Chav's know.
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    James McCarthy

    He would never have been good enough.
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    Player Topic: Fabian Delph (2015/16)

    Well I didn't really want him but then I did. He was in pretty much the same position wasn't he ? Welcome Fabian !
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    Another Day In Paradise

    Are you sure about that bluegirl 74 ? As yet; nobody has offered me free go in a Helicopter !
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    Another Day In Paradise

    Shit Karen ! Don't mention the title and don't mention the Chavs !! We will win it anyway as they will think there are bigger fish to fry. They are not going to need any help from me alive or dead !
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    Another Day In Paradise

    Woops- Apologies to saddlewoth 2; - it was supposed to be a pm.
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    Another Day In Paradise

    Cheers Saddlewoth 2. 80 posts now off 8,000 and that leaves me with 2,000 to get ! Andy/Richfan
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