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    Ferny jr

    I cant find the thread but mods if there’s one please merge. Is he in city academy?
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    Diego Lainez

    He was a stand out and full of potential against usa . Perhaps our Mexican fans or Betis/ la liga fans can chime in ? I think he will be a great addition on left wing. Im really impressed . Thoughts ?
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    City ring tone on alexa

    I just discovered alexa has “come on city” ring tone . Guess who’s waking up buzzing ?
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    Pale Pele is the best midfielder in the world - Xavi

    Sorry hendo and fucknandes you can tuck under pale pele’s duvet and smell . "Kevin De Bruyne, from Manchester City, seems to me of another level, brutal, he is able to make a difference. He is the best midfielder in the world and relatively young."
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    God is a Man City fan

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    Ref Watch

    It would be nice to keep tap of all refs fuck ups here in one thread .
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    Best diver?

    fuck face martial ?
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    Rodrigo Bentancur
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    Ismael Bennacer

    ffs Mahrez
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    message to uefa

    fuck you
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    Welcome Pablo Moreno

    Fantastic signing .
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    Euro Super Cup — Is It Time?

    Now would be the best time for Euro Super Cup .
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    Everton (H) Post-Match Thread

    Ffs Mahrez Happy new year
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    Conor Coady

    Any thoughts?
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    Extension for David , please

    Please txiki make it happen . That’s a very big loss and a shoe to fill in .
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    Wtf is dinky . Surely there’s a new song somewhere in there .
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    Kane Taylor
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    If we win fa cup

    I’ve been thinking about this for a long time but I was waiting for today . If we win fa cup , they should just hand us the community shield to city . Logical? :)
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    Var debate 2019/20

    They have the technology and time to review in nano details but can’t see the obvious. Fucking corrupt cheats .
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