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    Big Tony is on his way back...

  2. J

    23 years ago today.
  3. J

    I miss Dennis Potter

    Oh to have him back and writing.
  4. J

    24 hr in Police Custody (Black Widow) MCFC policeman

    Always a cracking watch, but last night's was even more worthy of viewing due to the brilliant investigative work of Cambridgeshire Police, led by their City-mad Chief-Super. Last night's episode available on C4 catch-up, whilst 2nd episode on tonight at 9pm. Keep an eye out for his phone!
  5. J

    Transgender Sport

    Fair? In the pics below, does it seem right that an ex-Australian prop forward was allowed to ply his/her trade in women's handball? Or that the current 200m veteran track cycling sprint champion does appear to be somewhat bigger in muscle and bone density? Should transgender men / women be...
  6. J

    Car Advice / Cracked Head Gasket

    As the title implies, looks like head gasket may be cracked on my car. Twice it emptied the coolant and I had to tickle it home with all the warning lights ablaze. Thankfully was close to home both times. Garage initially thought it might be leak on water pump so had that replaced but same thing...
  7. J

    Manchester's Berlin Wall set to tumble Good fucking riddance
  8. J

    Ricky Tomlinson

    I was genuinely shocked to hear that a Scouser was claiming innocence for actions that caused harm and pain to others, Who'd have thunk it? I wonder if there are any previous examples of such behaviour? Answers on a postcard please (from Turin)...
  9. J

    Workers' Rights and Covid

    Make sure you're well versed in what constitutes being safe at work:
  10. J

    You can bring your fucking dinner...

    Just love it:
  11. J

    Upgrading junior to adult seasoncard

    My lad can't make the game Wednesday so want to upgrade his card to adult to allow a mate to go. Is this something I can do online or, horror of horrors, does it involve the dreaded call to "customer" service? Ta
  12. J

    Lest we forget....
  13. J

    Friends and Family - loyalty points

    Trying to find out how many points me dad and son have so know when they're eligible for Wembley tix but can't seem to see how many points they have when I log on my Friends and Family section in my account. I used to be able to see them on the "old" system. Is there a way to find out? Ta
  14. J

    Schalke - Spike?

    Anyone heard if he’s doing anything?
  15. J

    Half ’n Half Scarves

    You want shooting.
  16. J

    Shakhtar Away Thomas Cook

    Anyone had confirmation yet that this is definitely happening? If not, anyone any idea how late they'd leave it until deciding minimum numbers wouldn't be met, ergo, it ain't happening? Ta
  17. J

    Hottest Match Ever - City v Arsenal

    No, not a thread with pictures of scantily clad women, instead, this from the Guardian:
  18. J

    Spurs Away - Sold Out

    Just now.
  19. J

    Pubs in Stanmore

    Any blues boozing in Stanmore tomo? If so, where? Ta.
  20. J

    If you're going to take the mick at work......

    do it properly:
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