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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    With regard to WWYWYWS chants...surely the riposte should be ' where were you when we were shit'...
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    Stockport Beer Week

    Stockport Beer surprises there.
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    Ray's 'trouble an strife' the lovely Elaine is a Mancunian..
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    Should Class A drugs be legalised in UK

    Good points...One area of attraction for illicit drug use is that it is...illicit and illegal!...I think punk died when you could get bondage strides in C&A....As a legal drug would it be sanitised and weakened or a version of pure high grade Merck Cocaine?...The dealers would still...
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    I once heard an interesting comment in my local...'' whadddya mean. not from Manchester. I'm from Salford , you can't get more Manchester than that" we laughed.
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    Should Class A drugs be legalised in UK

    Cocaine use ( not mine!) is the reason I no longer attend away matches. go to big fights and rarely stay in my local beyond 7pm..legalising would tidy all these areas up? is a drug for punters with no personality ....
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    23rd September 1989

    if memory serves ( probably not) didn't we go to Derby shortly after and get pumped by 6?
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    The Boxing thread

    Ask yourself this...would you fancy Usyk against an on weight Andy Ruiz?...
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    Should Class A drugs be legalised in UK

    Could do with re-legalising a bit of this...Dr John Collis Browne's famous mixture...good for what ails ya.. its principal ingredients were a mixture of laudanum (an alcoholic solution of opium), tincture of cannabis, and chloroform, it readily lived up to its claims of relieving pain, as a...
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    The Boxing thread

    Campbell Hatton...
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    The Boxing thread

    it was hardly Kaylor v Christie
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    Classic Rock (Phil Collins lives, run for the hills)

    'Rock' keyboards....for me... Jerry Lee Lewis Little Richard Jimmy Smith Jackie Mittoo Earl Van Dyke Dave Greenfield Ian Stewart No prog rock classicists for me..
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    Best Drummer of All Time (Opening Video sorted out)

    For me Baker / Rich / Watts / Cobham..... Has anyone namechecked Cozy Powell yet? Oh and Buzzcocks John Maher could play..
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    Oldham Athletic

    They will go the same way as Henry Africas bar
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    Who's the greatest American band of all time?

    Earth Wind & Fire were the best live act I have ever seen. As bands go The Ramones shook things up a little and i would agree with all those who namechecked the Allman Brothers
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    Are you, or could you be, Nocturnal ?

    The night begins to turn your head around....
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    The Sopranos

    Odd title for a prequel...until I found out that 'Many Saints' in Italian step forward Uncle Dickie
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    Top 3 Rolling Stones Songs

    true...The Kinks still take the top spot...
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    Top 3 Rolling Stones Songs

    Dead Flowers Respectable Everybody knows about my good thing.
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    I just can't get over losing you And so if I seem, broken and blue Walk on by
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