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    Season ticket for sale. South stand

    I have a season ticket in the South stand level 3. I'm unable to make most games this season and wondered if anyone would like to buy most games at cost price £17.10 a ticket. I'll be able to make 4 5 games. (I won't cherry pick the biggest games. All depends on work and family commitments. We...
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    Another new song. But this ones good..

    I know this isn't how songs take off, and will probably never work BUT I'm bored refreshing my email waiting to see if I have tickets for Everton. So... I saw this below on twitter. If you can't see the link it's some old bloke at OT terribly singing the 'City is a massive club' song. I...
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    Season ticket for sale South stand Level 3. 6 games cost price

    Hi there, I'm not able to use my season ticket for 6 out of the 8 games left this season. South Stand Level 3. Cost £16 per game so £96 for the lot. Payment by Bank transfer and then I'll send the season card to you. For this weekends game I'll arrange collection with the ticket office. As...
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    Missing important events to watch City

    Following on from my last thread about potentially missing a Christening to watch city I thought there must be some funny stories out there about people missing wedding, funerals job interviews etc. to watch city. So what’s the biggest occasion you’ve missed to watch a city game or biggest...
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    Asked to buy tickets for Napoli fans in City end.

    A mate of mine has just asked me if I can get two tickets on my season ticket for two friends of his who are Napoli fans for the CL game later this month. I can’t make the game. The guys in question are Italian, nice blokes, 40’s, sensible, will keep quiet and not celebrate if they score etc...
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    Ticket Points

    Hope this is the correct thread please move if not. I’m a third year season ticket holder. When I became a season ticket holder I was give 190 points (10 for each home game) plus a bonus 1000 points. A mate became a season ticket holder this year and didn’t get the bonus 1000 points. So he...
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    Season ticket for sale South stand Level 3

    Hi there, I am a season ticket holder but my situation has changed meaning that I’ll only be able to attend 3-4 games next season. My ticket is in South Stand Level 3 Block 315 and costs £299. Up to the Watford game on 1st January (11 games) I will attend 2 games either Arsenal or West Ham...
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    Southampton and Boro tickets

    Hi there, I can't go to the the next couple of games due to work comittments. Southampton 23rd October Middlesboro 5th November I'm in south stand level 3. Both face value so £16 each. Please send me a message here, Thanks,
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    South stand level 3 - games for sales face value

    Hi there, Because of work and other comittments I can't make these games next season. I have a season ticket in South Stand Level 3. I'd like to sell all at once if possilbe. I can arrange for the tickets to be picked up at the ticket office. There face value which is £16 each so £64 for all...
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    Best/worst cup game?

    I was just reading this article about the Halifax FA cup game. Good read but jsut a few year's before my time. I got me thinking about my favourite and worst cup game...
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    Season ticket share

    I recently bought a season ticket in block 315 level 3. I live in London so I can’t make all the games and I wondered if anyone would like to come to an arrangement to buy the games I can’t make at cost price (£15.74). For example I can’t make the following games due to personal/work...
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