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    UK ‘Special Forces’

    Thought I’d post on this since their popularity has been high in recent years with that Tv show with Ant Middleton. Anybody have any personal experience or know any serving or former members, stories ? A close friend of mine joined the paras when a kid (In late 1970’s) and following p company...
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    Family Friendly Ski Resorts Europe...

    looking for ideas for Feb half term. Me and my boy, he’s 6 but can ski quite well. Looking for decent family ski area not too expensive for intermediate level. Cheers
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    Spurs @ Home

    Due to some work colleagues cancelling on me, I have 4 tickets for Spurs in EL3 available. Please PM
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    Burnley 21st Oct - 1 ticket available, East Stand L2

    one ticket in level 2 east stand, and two tickets together in level 3 east stand PM me...
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    Manchester: Best Tapas ?

    for after the game next Sat...any recommendations ?
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    Taking a career break....

    I'm considering taking 6 to 12 months out as a career break because I'm absolutely knackered mentally and physically; recently had a health scare too. I would like to know if anyone has done this and how they managed the exit from work and what they did with their time... Thinking giving my...
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    our history v KHR.

    I quite like SB, he does tend to use more of a fact based approach to his articles.
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    BBC2: Uri Geller

    Amazing bullshitter or something else? It always entrigued me growing up in the 70's and 80's with his cutlery bending prowess; I always thought he was just a very good confidence trickster rather than having other worldly powers... Now the BEEB would have us believe he was a Cold War spy and...
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    The Best Energy Tariffs

    After feeling a bit shafted by NPower over a 60% increase in my annual bill (admittedly my usage has increased 20%) I thought it was time to canvas opinion on what people think are the best tariffs and best providers......any insight appreciated as i don't want to spend hours comparing standard...
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    C4 Paralympic Advert

    Its very good. Emotive without being patronising.
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    Changing America...One bar at a time

    Ok so in a soccer bar in North Carolina....something not quite right and finally notice that there is a rag flag, Arsenal flag, Spurs flag and several other lesser team flags adorned on the walls. I confronted the barman and asked why there was no champions flag on the wall, because the...
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    'Champions' Manchester City

    Just read the BBC news article about the upcoming season fixtures and was a little bit annoyed they don't refer to us as Manchester City, premier league champions, even champions man city would do. Now you might think this a little precious but if I'm not mistaken the rags were always referred...
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    Any amongst us? I've been learning for past 2 years bur never really had the time to absolutely nail it an feel confident enough to buy all the gear and go out on my own.
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    A Summer of Spending ?

    I remember last summer, Mancini saying all Dzeko needed was service from the wings to reproduce his form for Wolfsburg...we then had a misalignment in the messages from Mancini and Marwood, the former talking about needing to bring in six players and the latter talking about selling players and...
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    Lose the Battle but win the War ?

    I cant help thinking mancini wasn't too bothered about winning yesterday. First the changes, Kolarov and Pantilimon are imo not players you would start with in a game you are desperate to win. Second the formation, quite defensive (although you could argue a lack of fit strikers forced his...
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    Martin Petrov

    Just arrived in Dusseldorf from Manchester, Martin Petrov on the Plane, scruffy ****, nice watch. Told him loved watching him play for us, seemed a bit embarrassed, oh well a good player.
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    Thousandth Post, But the Question is..

    Is there a correlation between the (of late) excellent team spirit and the club sorting out the wantaways, egotists and out and out wankers... Tevez Bellamy Ade Boateng imo it might well be mancini's finest piece of management, sorting out the city bad boys and making a 'winning' team out of...
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    Mancini: We will need 24 good players next season

    Mancini: We will need 24 good players next season By Ian Herbert Saturday, 21 May 2011 Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini exposed the substantial gulf in thinking between himself and his club's board yesterday when he insisted that this summer offers the chance for a last major spend...
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    Our fans !

    I would just like to say how proud I am of our support...I had a brilliant day out and was blown away by just how passionate we were...special mention to the 3 lads with seats behind me (block 132, seats 240's aisle, behind the right edge of the goal in any case, must have been in their early...
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    City and Chelsea to Fail Financial Fair Play....

    according to the BBC How will Man City 'play fair' financially? Two of English football's top-four clubs could be excluded from European competition in future as they fail Uefa rules that are about to be introduced. The Financial Fair Play...
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