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    #97 | Josh Wilson-Esbrand - 2021/22 Performances

    This lad needs a run of games in the first team.
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    Transfer ITK Bingo Game

    The rules are simple: You post the Player Name, The buying club, The date. You can post as many times as you like but only once per player. First poster to get one right wins and becomes the greatest ITK of all time. Some useful dates below: Euro 2020; 11th June - 11th July Charity Shield; 7th...
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    CL final on tv - can you watch on PPV?

    So I don't have BT sport. What are the options? Is it on now tv or anything similar?
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    City players who played in a final/won the CL before playing for us?

    So its our first CL final as a club. But we must have had players who have played in it and won it? So who are they? PS - We all know football didn't exist before the modern television era and the introduction of the 'champions league anthem' (so 1991 onwards).
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    NFL 2020-2021 Season.

    Kicks off today. On field - it should be a great season. The Patriots era looks to be over - they have picked up Cam Newton who i really like but no one likes the pats. They might struggle. The Chiefs sneaked up on everyone last year - can they do it again now everyone knows how good they are...
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    Squad Numbers

    So what's free for new signings? What might come free? What would our linked players want? (Torres wears 20 but I assume he might fancy a change).
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    Free Agents 2020

    Some notable players who's contracts are up:- Edinson Cavani (PSG) Olivier Giroud (Chelsea) Willian (Chelsea) Layvin Kurzawa and Thomas Meunier (PSG) Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham) Adam Lallana (Liverpool) Pablo Zabaleta (West Ham) Dries Mertens (Napoli) Mario Gotze (Dortmund) Jordan Ibe (Lol)...
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    Where are they now 2020 edition

    Given the league season is over and the transfer market open I think its time we had a round up of where recent EDS players are at and where they are likely to end up. We have had some great players in the youth set up over the last 5 years or so. Leaving out the obvious ones (Foden / Sanch etc)...
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    Premier League clubs vote against 5 subs per match in 20/21

    Next season will allow 5 Subs in the PL. Good for fringe players but bad news for letting the game flow. Edit: PL not confirmed yet but they can if they choose to. So no doubt they will.
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    HMRC Scam call

    Just missed a call that i thought could have been work so i rang back. It was some scam line, i had an interesting conversation where i gave them a load of made up details and they tried to suggest i need to pay £4k or the cops will turn up at my house. If anyone has some time to kill / fancies...
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    Matais Vuoso

    Years before Bertie there was this lad. Bought by Keegan amid much hype for £3.5 mil when that was a lot. Never played a full game but did bits for reserves and pre-season games. He didn't work out for us and looking at his goal celebrations for Mexican side Santos Laguna its no bad thing.
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    Chatham Gun Nutter

    Police have arrested a gun nut in the UK. Shots fired but no one hurt. All on video obvs:
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    Dogging in the time of Chronovirus

    I'm not into dogging myself, i'm a bit naive with these things and not sure exactly how it works. Has the virus seen it off or are there even more bored people venturing out in these dark times? Any perverts on here want to share any stories? Feel free to start with 'I've got a mate who...'
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    Tax Returns

    Deadline tomorrow - anyone holding out till the last day?
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    Juanma Lillo | Assistant Manager

    Arteta is gone - who replaces him?
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    Macclesfield - the next club to go under?

    Looks like they are wobbling. The game tomorrow is in doubt. Various on twitter saying that if players are not paid today they wont play tomorrow. The EFL are on to them as well.
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    The next Recession!

    As a bit of an armchair economist I have been seeing signs of an impending recession for a couple of years, but we and the rest of the world seem to be bouncing along pretty well, jobs numbers are very high globbaly and therefore GDP growth is tracking moderatley upward in most countries. But...
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    Area 51

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    Champions league final - tv / YouTube

    So i don’t have BT sport but fancy watching the final. It’s on you tube! Will this work on my smart tv?
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