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    Happy birthday Eccles Blue

    Just noticed that you are celebrating being 80 years young. I hope that you have a great day and have plenty more years in you separating some of the children on here.
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    I think Liam sums the mood up pretty well
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    Manchester Central Football Club

    Do any of the folk on here grow up with relatives who were Manchester Central fans and if so who did they support when they collapsed?
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    Other clubs songs

    Are there any songs that other clubs sing that you like I think this is my favourite
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    CFG financial results plus increased Chinese stake

    Just saw this feel free to move March 18 – City Football Group Limited, the Abu Dhabi- and Chinese-owned entity that holds investments in various football clubs including Premier League champions-elect...
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    Brentford mascot

    This lad was on his stag do and his mates booked him for being the mascot at the Brentford match last week which I think was bit of clever thinking and kudos to Brentford for going along with it
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    I know people keep saying we need to increase revenue streams but this is scraping the barrel .On sale at the bradford exchange If somebody could put a picture up that would be good
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    Does anybody remember shopping here ?

    We have come a long way
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    Free City app

    just saw this and I thought it might be off use to somebody
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    Is anybody planning on going to dismaland ? I think it looks great I am very tempted to take the kids and tell them it is the new disneyland and they are all the same . I hope somebody can put some photos up ,not sure if it will do weston super mare any favours in the long run
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    Agents fees

    just saw this on mcfc Manchester City today announces that fees paid to agents in the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2013 was £12,811,946. seems a bit steep
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    just bought 2 new kids shirts today total cost £102.51 why have I been charged £17.09 VAT ? I thought kids clothes did not have VAT on them ? If anybody could help ?
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    Alan Oakes

    How close did Alan Oakes get to the 1970 world cup squad ? I know he was in the esso coins world cup squad so he must have been close ,if you have any more info that would be good always pickled me
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    Did Ryan go to Cardiff ?

    Was he there and was he told to shut it like in the sky advert and does anybody know him in real life or is he a actor ?
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