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    Seasoncard Renewal - Yes or No?

    Given that the club may be sending out information about seasoncard renewal very soon how does everyone feel? With the news of this new league I am very close to not renewing my three cards and saving myself a couple of grand. We know the club monitors this website to gauge feelings amongst fans...
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    Fans back at the Etihad

    Not sure if there is another thread about this but Boris just announced that he hopes spectators will be allowed to return to football stadia from the middle of October. Not sure if that means limited capacity or full grounds. Looks like certain clubs will lose out on another chunk of match day...
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    FA Cup to resume June 27/28

    The FA Cup quarter-finals have been rescheduled for the weekend of 27-28 June with the final set to take place on Saturday, 1 August. FA chief executive Mark Bullingham said the dates are "dependent on all safety measures being met" with venues and kick-off times yet to be confirmed. The...
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    Mike Doyle's signature

    I am sure I read here recently someone asking if anyone had the great man's autograph, if that someone can drop me a PM or if anyone can point me to the thread, much appreciated
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    With all the talk about how bent / corrupt etc the game has become and how the laws of the game are being manipulated to help certain teams / agents / syndicates etc how can we as a fanbase become the leaders of any protest. Seen on here talk about banners, tennis balls being thrown, staying on...
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    Didsbury Ladies FC seeking new players

    Hi all - Ric has kindly let me post this plea for open age female footballers. I am involved with Didsbury Ladies who play in the North West Regional Division One South. We have suffered some bad luck in the past few weeks with long term injuries (couple of ACLs) and new work commitments meaning...
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    Wembley Carabao Cup Final

    Need some spares for a mate and kids who are members living in London but site told him it had sold out when he put in ticket details and pressed buy!
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    Leicester Away (league game)

    Looking for one junior or one adult for the league game - please PM me
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    City launch app on Amazon Fire TC

    Don't know if this has been posted but it's a long way from calling City clubline at 50p a minute or whatever it was. Manchester City have launched their own app on Amazon Fire TV in a move intended to align the club with the changing viewing habits of fans and reach a wider global audience...
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    Stoke game - Pubs in Edinburgh

    Anyone know of a decent pub in the centre of Edinburgh where the Stoke match will be shown and I won't be surrounded by religious bigots? Thanks
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    BBC Poll - Vote quickly

    Poll on BBC TDD pages 'Has Manuel Pellegrini been harshly treated by Manchester City?' currently 79% of votes say yes...they are hurting so badly I love it...
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    Garth Crooks is a.........

    He has put Clichy in his team of the week and says the following:- Gael Clichy has never scored for Manchester City but, had it not been for a fantastic fingertip save by Lukasz Fabianski that pushed the ball on to a post, he would have done against Swansea. It was one hell of a strike and...
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    Richard Wright

    Richard Wright has more titles than RVP - just saying. I wonder how much RVP regrets signing for the rags as I have no doubts that had he signed last year although RW would have three titles RVP would have two and a cup
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    Stolen Rag Banner

    Hilarious watching the rag banner being hurled around last night but what was written on it?
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    Is now the time to tweak the formation and start with Ferny and either Garcia or Jimmy in the middle with Silva, Yaya and Samir further forward and Sergio up top. Releases Yaya further forward and doesn't leave the middle too exposed. Tough on the likes of Beast and Navas but I genuinely believe...
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    Curious incidents

    We have all witnessed things in sport that at the time are unexplained but then years later the true story comes out. What was the real story behind City's season this year and the unexplained poor performances. The Gareth Barry own goal at Southampton was an odd one as was the gutless...
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    Ground Ownership

    Can someone tell me the definitive answer as to who actaully owns our ground and the land around it. I thought we had come to a deal about revenues but do they still own the ground?
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    Rumour sh*t!

    Can someone make a sticky of all the transfer/player/manager bullshit that has started to be written with the source and then in a few months we can all look back and say fuck you!! 1. Jose to manage City (various) 2. Pep to manage City (various) 3. City won't win the league (Tranaldo) 4...
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    Ladies and gentlemen, let's all keep things in a little perspective shall we. Remember it wasn't that long ago that the likes of Stockport, York and Lincoln were beating us and look where they are now. It wasn't that long ago that pretty much every blue would look at the last few fixtures of a...
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    Eight Points Clear

    Interesting to note that in all the excitement of the weekend that I haven't seen anywhere (apologies if I have missed it) that United threw away an eight point lead with just six games to go, the biggest fuck up of all time at that stage of a season. Everyone bleated on about how experienced...
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