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    Ps5 or Xbox series

    Having just found out my fave games are not coming to the ps5 i now have a dilemma which is do I buy ps5 or Xbox series . Anyone got any good advice for his ? Cheers
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    Epsom derby

    What we backing today ? Mcswiney will run a big race if it stays today .
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    Klopp odds tumbling

    Klopp is 3/2 to leave Liverpool. Something is going on at anfield
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    Dominik szoboszlai

    This player is a great talent who will be worth millions after Euros next summer . Could be worth a look at .
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    Best era for football clobber

    Don’t know if this has been done before but here goes . What’s your fave era for terrace fashion ? Mine is the 87 onwards such as the peter storm and berghaus jackets . C17 jeans adi trainers and short wax Barbour jackets . Did like the lois cords though and recently acquired 2 pairs . Did also...
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    Leeds United thread 2020/21

    Looks like Leeds have been busy today with 2 very good signings in Rodrigo and robin Koch . Looks like bielsa is starting to get his team sorted .
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    Champions league new look

    I know it’s because of the virus but I think a last 16 knockout tournament in a neutral country is a great idea going forward.
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    Greatest footballer ever?

    Who is your two greatest ever players past and present ? Zinedine zidane Ferencs puskas
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    Premier League Considers Banning Over 70 Year-olds at Matches

    App the FA are considering banning over 70s from matches over this virus . Absolutely disgusting and it’s discrimination against elderly people .
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    BTS tour London

    My 2 daughters are looking for cheap digs for this .any decent sites for digs ? Doesn’t matter the ratings ...
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    Belmarsh prison

    Just watched that Ross Kemp programme . Fucking hell that is what you call a prison. Them gangs in London are out of control
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    Ben white

    We should be all over this kid. Young English excellent technique and I would say definitely buyable. He is having a great time at Leeds £ 30 mill could maybe get this lad has come next season your talking £50 mill plus
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    Ederson out Sunday

    what’s going on !!!!
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    Betting shops

    What do you prefer Going to the bookies to put your bet on or bet online in the comfort of your own house . I prefer to go to the bookies when I’m back home as I like the social interaction.
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    Bands or artists to see before you or they die

    Who would you see 1. Genesis 2.the who 3. Paul McCartney 4. Neil diamond
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    January defenders

    who do your think we could go in for if we do buy in jan? Pep said no but that may change .
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    i like the look of this guy at Southampton. Every week he has a good game and he looks like a terminator. Maybe could be jan target if needed
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    i like the look of this guy at Southampton. Every week he has a good game and he looks like a terminator. Maybe could be jan target if needed
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    Loma - campbell

    cant wait for this fight on Saturday as we will be witnessing one off the all time greats of boxing . Loma is that good that he makes even world class fighters look very ordinary
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    Under the cosh

    can anyone remember the last time city got outplayed and were under the cosh for lengthy time in a game . Liverpool were being battered by spurs second half but got away with it . The last time I remember was anfield last season in that 20 mins second half and then it wasn’t heavy sustained...
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