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    Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Chelsea showed they've as many limitations as that other overhyped London icon Anthony Joshua. A dull one trip pony who epitomises the phrase Flat Track Bully. Just like Usyk, we've went into their backyard and given them a technical battering.
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    Who has the hardest shot at City?

    Well since David Silva left there are a few contenders to take his crown for sure ;-)
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Wycombe (21/09/21)

    I've counted everyone and it's around 12,000.
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    Southampton (H) | Post Match Thread

    I love the post match thread. The greatest gathering of hindsight prophets the world has known, gladly suggesting a million different ways we could win a game that is now finished. Priceless
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    Southampton (H) | Post Match Thread

    We were lucky to get nil! A shocking low energy and idea lacking performance. Oh, and KDB is fucking idle.
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    Next Manager after Pep

    Due to Mancini being impossible, it would have to be Rodgers for me. After detesting him during his Liverpool days, I've actually had to accept that he clearly is a decent manager.
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    No buses to Etihad tonight

    Probably because he and his band of muppets are responsible for the subject matter in almost all the moans on here.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    One of the best and most accurate posts I've ever read on here. You are absolutely spot on and nobody with even the smallest amount of common sense could disagree.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    But there is! A lot of young people have VPN streams and even myself have not missed a game either live or attending since Sven's days. Even early round League Cup games are possible to find. Sadly the whole dynamic has changed and it's modern clubs with their money grabbing business...
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    Electric cars

    I'd never go back to an ICE car now. I have the MG5 and not only was it really competitive to buy as a 1 day pre registered car at £20,000 cash, it has now driven 1400 miles at exactly 1.65p per mile. I do have a drive and home charging facility which is key so can access cheap 5p per Kw rates...
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    City not answering the phone

    You're spot on. That sad thing though, that it seems most fans are still struggling to assimilate is, the club don't give a fuck anymore. As far as CFG are concerned, match attending fans in the Etihad are a low profit margin nuisance and frankly it's irrelevant whether you attend. The ideal...
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    tickets,please someone help me

    I feel for you. How has buying a match ticket become like a MENSA test? I hope someone can help on here but I fear you are destined for hours on the phone.
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    City not answering the phone

    Just why is anyone continuing to accept this level of service yet continuing to be a customer? I cannot think of any other service that any of us might use, that we would continue to use after being treated like this. My mind is already made up that I won't return next year, because it doesn't...
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    City not answering the phone

    Even though I deferred I can't but help revisit this page. Each story I read sends a shiver down my spine as I realise it's up there with the best decisions I've ever made. In short the club's treatment of its match attending fans is nothing short of contemptible and the fact they can find...
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    Nuno Mendes

    Act in haste, repent at leisure. The best example of this I can think is Mendy. To a man we thought he was the solution to our timeless LB needs. In the event, he has proved to be our worst ever signing. We certainly don't need another thank you.
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    Lee, Bell and Summerbee to be honoured with statues

    Not that I think statues are the way forward, but a player who gave his all for this club in a time of absolute mediocrity, and is almost completely forgotten, is Paul Power. 11 years, Captain for 5 of them and an absolute true blue and gentleman to boot.
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    #20 | Bernardo Silva - 2021/22 Performances

    If Grealish is a £100M player than Bernardo is twice that. Very few players can play with such energy, think clearly and most importantly, play with their head up. Grealish tends to have to look down and spends too much time doing so, Bernardo is 100% spacially aware and has a superb first...
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    Ticket Prices

    I'll hold my hands up to that one, they look much better than initial photos suggest.
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    Ticket Prices

    Where have you been this week? If the leaked pictures are of the real statues then they are ridiculous, and as I posted earlier more gimmick than substance. Statues have been made for thousands of years, with many still standing now, and almost all recognisable as who is the subject. For some...
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    Ticket Prices

    You obviously assume CFG give a fuck about seasoncard holder contentment! They don't, simple as that. A few years ago I listed my daughter's seasoncard for the United game on ticket exchange. I wanted it to go to a genuine City fan rather than me drag a day tripper along myself. I tried to see...
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