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    Lee, Bell and Summerbee to be honoured with statues

    As per the MEN. Sounds good to me, feels a bit weird that Kompany/Silva/Sergio have got a statue and not these three.
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    Benjamin Mendy Arrest |Mendy jailed until September 10th when case will be heard
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    Mahamadou Susoho

    Just promoted to the U18s this season (21/22). Played for both England and Spain at schoolboy level and holds joint nationality.
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    Bluemoon Conspiracy/Occult Thread

    We used to have a great poster on here called buzzer who was into conspiracy theories and all that type of stuff, and since he's left we've lost that and it was always fun to read. So Bluemooners, tell me about your favourite conspiracies or occult theories. Was JFK assassinated by the CIA...
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    Joker movie

    Have seen some leaked scenes from this, looks pretty good. Anybody else planning on catching it when it comes out?
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    Balls of Steel - Neg's Urban Sports

    Always worth a laugh on a Friday night Balls of Steel was such a great show.
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    Music/Audio Volume in Windows 10

    So due to some ridiculousness I've had to change from Linux back to Windows this week and I've noticed that the maximum volume in Windows is literally ridiculous compared to Linux. On my Linux installs, if I turn it up to 100% volume then it blows out my eardrums, shakes the computer desk and...
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    Shepherds Pie

    Does Shepherds Pie count as a pie? I was recently looking up sausage roll consumption per capita (as you do - 10g per person per week btw) and in the rough notes of the study it said that this figure includes Shepherds Pie and other "potato topped pies", which they classify as "meat pies"...
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    Does anybody watch any decent Twitch streamers? I'm a big fan of speedrunners, so I have: andrewg (Super Mario Bros on NES) Darbian (Super Mario Bros on NES) Bawkbasoup (Resident Evil) On the subs aswell as: Arumba (EU4) o0clan0o (Football Manager) Who do you guys watch?
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    Ultima Thule

    After it left Pluto, the New Horizons satellite continued drifting off into the far reaches of the Solar System. Luckily, NASA announced that they've found a dwarf planet that NH will pass by and take pictures of. The public chose Ultima Thule as its name. Although full pictures aren't due...
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    Computer/Internet Privacy Tips

    So if you're a bit of a weirdo like myself, the fundamental right to privacy and not being spied on is an important topic to you. I believe in the maxim that not protecting your privacy because you have nothing to hide is as stupid as the notion of not defending free speech because you have...
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    So I'm mental. Let's talk about it.

    Inspired by an article wrote by @Lucky Toma a little while back and Mental Health Awareness campaign, I wrote about living with OCD. Article is here I'm pretty sure I've heard them all so feel free to get them out of your...
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    Here's some babies laughing at dogs

    Cheered me right up. Challenge anyone not to smile at babies laughing.
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    The Mandela Effect

    The Mandela Effect is a hypothesized effect whereby numerous people share a memory, usually something they can provide a fair amount of detail about or are almost religiously certain about, but never actually happened. Why this happens is disputed and ranges from weird pseudo science about...
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    Bluemoon Angling Thread

    Got quite a few anglers on here so thought I'd start a thread to chat about it. Beginners guide first: Beginners Guide Fishing is one of those "easy to get started, difficult to master" pursuits that many people do over a lifetime. It's currently one of the most popular hobbies in the...
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    Earliest European kickoff

    Small question. In the news today is that UEFA have plans to move the CL kick off times to 5.55pm and 8pm like the Europa League. Got me thinking, what was the earliest midweek kick off time we've had? I sort of half remember us playing at about 4 o'clock one day, in the Groclin/TNS type of...
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    Deep Fakes

    This tech has been floating around for a while but it has seemingly just hit the mainstream. Informational video about what it is that people really should watch: The question is that as technology rapidly increases, especially the ability of AI to mimic and simulate human features, how will...
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    Man City (Inadvertently) saves French club Yet more ruining of football I'm afraid.
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    The Chris Morris Music Show

    Somebody has uploaded all of them to MixCloud and they're absolutely brilliant.
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    Feyenoord Friendly

    Just heard a pundit say that before this year, City and Feyenoord had never played each other but I swear we've played them in a friendly before. Maybe mid 90s at Maine Road? Can anyone else recall this?
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