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    Project X

    So, I watched a film last night after hearing a lot about it on radio stations, twitter etc. It's called Project X, don't know if you yourselves have heard about it, but basically the plot is 3 lads plan a party, to gain popularity while they have a 'free house' which ends up going crazy! I...
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    Carlos Tevez

    Morning blues, Plenty of reports this morning that AC Milan are expected to make a bid for Tevez. What are your thoughts? Keep him? Sell him on?..
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    Fast Winger?

    Just wondering who people reckon we should go for due to Gareth Bale now signing a new contract and Eden Hazard obviously joining Chelsea. I was thinking of Iker Muniain as a good option after actually seeing him a good few times in Europe last season and he was a really pacey talent. Or Robben?..
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    Talk on twitter that he could be joining Liverpool for £13m. Is this a joke or something?
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