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    Wycombe (H) - EFL Cup R3 | Post-Match Thread

    Akinfenwa Sports Groupies
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Death by appointing Ollie
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Young Boys, there's no need to feel down. I said, Young Boys, pick yourself off the ground. I said, Young Boys, 'cause you're in a new town Where they all support Stretford
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    The Young Boys Darling, they’re the Young Boys And Young Boys Shouldn't be afraid To live, love While the flame is strong For united, may not be playing Wednesdays Very long
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    Erling Haaland

    Good point. I know we are reluctant to include a release cause ourselves should we sign him. However, as an example we could include a modest £167m escape fee that only comes valid five years into a six year contract. Using the admittedly inflated wages / fees / current fulfilment of...
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    To die by your side …
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    Match of the Day - 2021/22

    Guy Mowbray: “Newcastle hacked it away and and scored in the only way they were every going to be able to today - on the break.” I though I was watching a fabulous move (including an initial great pass to a teammate who then held up the ball momentarily before taking out two or three filth...
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    Kylian Mbappé

    Should rename themselves Liverpool Tuesday
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    Erling Haaland

    I feel the need to take a transfer saga holiday too
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    Darwin Nunez

    What was the origin of this specious rumour anyway?
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Green and Gold till their souls were sold
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Should we succeed in signing him, he won’t be the first red darling striker we’ve tempted from the clutches of an old lady.
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    Who should be our new striker?

    Scored about one in 50 in a team that finished fifth twice. Serious favouritism from the Reid/Kendall old boys’ club. Personally, I’ve never forgiven him for the sitter he missed from six yards out against the filth in 91/92 at Maine Road. Would have been the winner too …
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    Premier League Games 13/14/15 August 21

    I think it’s no accident the Premier League decided to showcase the concept of promotion in the opening fixture.
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    Premier League Games 13/14/15 August 21

    Let’s bee ‘avin you!
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    Harry Kane

    Looking forward to him putting in a shift for us and digging deep. Just not against the Canaries.
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    Villa fan found guilty of punching nine year old City fan at Cup Final

    A fully grown man, who was part of a small group of Villa fans walking towards my mum and I at the top of Wembley Way, decided to scream threateningly (right in her face) as they passed. She was 80 years old at the time of the final. The Villa fan that tried to intimidate her was in his 40’s...
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Just posted this on the Talkshite thread a few minutes ago re that disgraceful half hour of TS laying into us - without grounds - for half an hour between 8-830 pm. It was the Danny Kelly show(er) Neither the host Danny Kelly nor the tabloid journo, nor the professional Scouser Evans are...
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