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    Song for Liverpool

    My personal favourite. Short, Succinct with Brevity and can be heard clearly on the Tele - whats not to like!
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    Paris Saint-Germain (A) - CL - Tue 28 Sep 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Anyone who thinks this isnt a big game is deluding themselves - this game will be watched across the whole of Europe like the last 2 were. We are perceived as a club by the World by our performances in the Champions League as those are the matches watched by the bigger global audience. In terms...
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    Women's Team - 2021/22

    That was embarrassing. We looked unprofessional and unprepared. For that Taylor should resign or be sacked. 8 players out but gifting them 2 goals start from dogshit execution of basic football is unacceptable.
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    Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread

    What a statement. We were outstanding today in every facet of the game. They are flat track defensive bullies. Controlled them for 90% of it. Our press was immense 1st half led by Gabby and MOM Bernardo. True Champions performance. Pity we couldn't do that a few months ago.
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    Chelsea PL (A) | Man of the Match

    Bernardo was like a fucking man possessed. Brilliant.
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Its not difficult to get clicks when the average IQ of the reader you're targeting is no bigger than my 7 year old nieces sock.
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    23rd September 1989

    Happy 5 - 1 day everyone. Decreasing in number yearly but I was there, high in the Kippax getting all the buttons on my new coat ripped off. I'm not sure id seen us beat United at Maine Road until that time. Previously I remember Stapleton scoring a couple once in a 0 - 2 (83) but the time...
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    Carabao Cup R4 Draw | West Ham (A) - Wed 27 Oct 19:45

    Certainly wont be playing all the youngsters in a back 4 and centre mid. I do think Left back, centre half x 1, Cole Palmer and Lavia should get game time based on their performances just wether Pep fancies them from the start or from the bench. I'd like to see McAtee get some more minutes as...
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Some big gaps in the top tier corners. Reported as 72k but that's bollocks. Not arsed about their crowds really but Tyler and fucking Rob Green went on about it 5 fucking times. Says to me it was obviously a PR stunt. A full on Sky blow job. Surprised not. And they were shite and went out so...
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    Who has the hardest shot at City?

    Pretty sure I remember the Nick Sumerbee shot being 67mph. If it was a comp today Ederson would piss it.
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    Safe Standing To Go Ahead This Year

    With the set of rules requiring 1 seating space per person surely its no different than what we have now with our current rail seats? - there is no concession to safe standing at all. Until they make it like the German model of allowing 1.5 - 1.7 persons per seating space with the seating locked...
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Wycombe (21/09/21)

    That's what comes with having a style of play integrated across all age groups. Al fit in seamlessly. Not without talent these boys either, been very impressed with passing and movement. Obviously awareness and guile come with age and experience. Bit unlucky with the goL tbh.
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    Wycombe Wanderers tickets

    Yes ;)
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    Wycombe Wanderers tickets

    I too have not had a single problem with the electronic ticketing issue. I just check the details have updated the day before the match and rock up and in - no problem Thats not to say some folk haven't had issues but i did a straw poll of a few rows where I sit asking if anyone had issues -...
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Simon Jordan doesn't care who wins the League Cup. Unless of course Crystal Palace might be in with a shout in which case its a valuable competition the smaller clubs should be seeking to win as it gives them a platform and the chance of some success. Pompous shite talking hypocritical verbose...
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    Is there an unspoken agreement from some clubs not to sell to us?

    How the fuck can Liverpool have mediocre wages when they have the 2nd highest wage bill in the league behind the other red cunts?
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    Erling Haaland

    Dont believe Rag propaganda - they're worse than fucking Goebels those cunts. Nottingham rag boy posted were in a "crisis" because we lost to Spurs (no mention of the fact we were 5-6 players short of our first 11) and drew with Southampton (a feat they managed the previous week) and despite...
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    Football agent and Raheem Sterling BBC Panorama

    Yep should have used "Massive" instead obviously!
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    Match of the Day - 2021/22

    They didnt think the definite penalty against Liverpool was eve worth showing. They really are a load of snivelling cowardly arselickers
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    Fans holding up "Please Give Me Your Shirt" placards

    I think its sad and pathetic but then again i'm not 9 years old and consider multi millionaire footballers my heros. I have also never held up a tin foil covered piece of cardboard pretending to be the FA Cup at a an FA Cup game or bought a half and half scarf. I don't feel like i'm missing...
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