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    Europa League Quarters 10/11 August

    Never seen anything like it, Can you imagine walking in the bookies and asking for a price on the Rags to get the post Pens in the upcoming PL season. They'll be handicapping them with a -8 start.
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    Real Madrid (H) Pre-Match Thread

    Madrid were 5/1 to Qualify all week, pushed out to 7/1 in the last half hour.
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    United thread 2019/20

    Do you really believe what you've typed there?
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    Jimmy Wagg hangs up his microphone on Saturdays after 31 years

    Roans ban has been lifted. Mine you I hope it will be re introduced again after the BBC headlines when CAS released the 93 page report, which will of been sanctioned by this cùnt.
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    Nick Harris seems to be creaming himself reading the report, no idea why, firing those tweets out that we're still cheating cùnts. All the headlines knocking about you'd think we were guilty as fuck the way the press have framed it.
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    This is the headline on Talksport News "Manchester City show a blatent Disregard for UEFA rules as Cas release the full report" You just got to laugh at these cùnts All about us not co operating
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Norwich (26/07/20)

    Just the current circumstances, absolute fuckin travesty if he doesn't at least match Henry's total.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Norwich (26/07/20)

    I bet he'd of swapped that for am assist.
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    I've never quite got this the Scousers are worse than the Rags, Club, Fans, Ex Players & Media. The only reason this is tricking folk is because it's a current battle between us and the Rags being currently Wank. Nothing and I mean nothing will ever beat my hatred for the rats in Trafford, it's...
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    Jordan Henderson wins FWA Footballer of the Year

    Currently odds on Fav our Kev.
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    Good to see you back posting Nev.
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    Premier League Games 18/19/20/21/22 July

    I have to say Fernandes is one horrible Cùnt.
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    What about those other teams in this side of the draw, UEFA's Darlings Bayern & Barca lumped in with the Favs, Us.
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    Match Thread | Watford vs Man City (21/07/20)

    Absolutely fuckin made up for Raz to see his form come back, at least it shuts a fair few posters up for a while :)
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    Arsenal FA Cup SF Post-Match Thread

    An in form one too, Played ten won ten since lockdown lifted.
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    Arsenal FA Cup SF Post-Match Thread

    I've seen a lot worse.
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    Premier League Games 14/15/16/17 July

    Apologies if already said but that's seven goals been chalked off by Var now against the Rags this season, no-one has beat that.
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    Rags not getting top four really would be the Cherry on the fuckin top.
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    Premier League Games 14/15/16/17 July

    Klopp will be one bitter cùnt in defeat, he knows he'll never have a better chance to break our record and thats with a big fuck off 12 week break for his players. His slapped arse face will be a joy to see.